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Why are Herschel infrared panels the best on the market?

Herschel Inspire glass picture panel

There’s a reason why we only sell Herschel’s infrared heaters at TheEcoStore – they’re the best infrared heating panels on the market. There are increasing numbers of cheap infrared heating panels available online these days, including lots made very cheaply in China. It’s easy to believe you’re getting a good deal in buying the cheapest product[…]

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Perfect for the bathroom: Our mirror infrared heaters

We love Herschel infrared panels. They come in white as standard, however they are also available in glass, photo or mirror finishes. The mirrored panels are perfect for replacing your current bathroom mirrors, because they warm the room efficiently and don’t fog up! How does infrared heating work? Unlike traditional forms of heating, infrared works through[…]

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The Select XL ‘Performance’ range of Infrared Heating Panels

The Select XL ‘Performance’ range of Infrared Heating Panels We are delighted to bring you a new range of infrared heating panels, from Herschel. We have previously offered two ranges, the Select and the Inspire. The Select is the entry model for infrared, combining fantastic value with exceptional performance. For a more professional panel, the[…]