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The Select XL ‘Performance’ range of Infrared Heating Panels

The Select XL ‘Performance’ range of Infrared Heating Panels

We are delighted to bring you a new range of infrared heating panels, from Herschel. We have previously offered two ranges, the Select and the Inspire. The Select is the entry model for infrared, combining fantastic value with exceptional performance. For a more professional panel, the Germany made Inspire range delivers unparalleled quality with a massive 10-year warranty and extremely plush finishes.

Now we lift the lid on our newest member, the Select XL.

The Select XL White Panel heater comes priced between the Select and the Inspire range, and is possibly the best-performing, frameless panel on the market today. The new heating core is an extremely well developed element, giving you maximum power/watt, and functioning at around 10% more effective than competitors. Herschel’s new easy-fix mounting system is unique, and allows this heating method to be installed by anyone regardless of DIY experience.

The finish is a smooth, white-coated Aluminium design with a beautiful frameless appearance. The Select XL offers the whole lot, performance, price, style and quality. Available in 4 different sizes, the Select XL range also fills a few gaps, allowing our infrared panels to effortless heat any size of room. The panels are ideal for wall or ceiling mounting and are perfect for residential use and offices as well as student accommodation, schools and hotels.

Select XL infrared heating panel sizes

The panels’ sizes are 250, 300, 600, 850 and 1000 Watt units, although the ceiling mounted panels do vary slightly. For sizing your Herschel Select XL infrared heating panels, we recommend around 67W/m2 from a height of 2.5m. If you property is fairly old, built with solid brick then you may want to reach 75W/m2, alternatively if it is very well insulated then 60W/m2 would be ideal.

Where can infrared be used?

The Herschel Far Infrared panels offer homeowners, who install them, complete control over their property’s temperature, programmes and energy usage. Installations using our infrared panels – optimally zoned and controlled – can save between 30 – 60% of the energy consumption of traditional solutions including oil, LPG and other electrical solutions.

What is infrared anyway?

These panels don’t heat the air like conventional heating systems (even radiators heat by convection heating, which is warming of the air). They instead emit far infrared, which travels unimpeded from the panel until it hits a solid object (you, the floor the walls etc), which absorbs the infrared and then warms up. The benefits of this over convection heating are numerous, with health, efficiency and style all being included. As they don’t require the circulation of air, Infrared Heating Panels are perfect for those who suffer with allergies. The infrared also boosts circulation and provides a near instant heat. The great thing with infrared is the control over temperature you can have. Unlike storage heaters, if the temperature suddenly drops, all you need to do is flick to thermostat up.

The Herschel Select XL White is a discreet, ultra slim panel, which has an aluminium front emitting surface and aluminium rear surface with an insulating layer to prevent rearwards loss of heat. No other panel is as simple to install and as secure once mounted.

The technical side of the Herschel Select XL infrared heating panels


  • Heating Element: Herschel COSIX© Element
  • Surface: Frameless, Aluminium powder-coated white
  • Rear: Aluminium sheet with Herschel Easy-Fix mounting system
  • Cable: 3m power cable (plus type CEE 7/4)
  • Voltage: 230/240V, 50 Hz
  • Protection: IP44.
  • RoHS
  • IP 44
  • 60 month warranty.


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