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Perfect for the bathroom: Our mirror infrared heaters

We love Herschel infrared panels. They come in white as standard, however they are also available in glass, photo or mirror finishes. The mirrored panels are perfect for replacing your current bathroom mirrors, because they warm the room efficiently and don’t fog up!

How does infrared heating work?

Unlike traditional forms of heating, infrared works through radiation, not convection. Infrared light is the reason we feel warm in the sun, even when the air temperature is low. Infrared waves travel through space and warm any objects they hit, including your body.

Convection, on the other hand (i.e from radiators), works by heating the air around you. This means the heat is easily lost through draughts and leaks through the thermal envelope of a building.

The thermal mass of objects means they absorb heat and help keep your home cosy. Once heated with infrared, furniture, walls and floors will release it slowly back into the room over time. Convection does not heat objects, so once the air you have heated escapes, (which it easily does through doors, windows and floorboards) that’s it.

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What are the benefits of infrared heating?


  • Keeps your home cosy.
  • Cheap to run – the panels require less energy to achieve the same heat output as other forms of heating.
  • Panels hang almost flat on the wall and don’t encroach on room space.
  • Good for allergy sufferers – doesn’t circulate pollen or dust.
  • Can even help dry out walls to prevent damp and mould.


As always, give us a call if you have any questions!

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