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How do you position your Infrared Heating Panels?

Herschel inspire infrared heating panel

We have spoken long and hard about the benefits of infrared heating, including their efficiency, health benefits and style. They give off a great warmth that is not only comfortable, but cheap to run as well. However, once you have decided that infrared is the solution for your property the next step is to ensure that the panels are positioned correctly in order to maximise their effectiveness.

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Whereas with convection heaters that you can place anywhere in the room, infrared heaters need direct line of site to what they are heating.

Installing your infrared heating panels on the walls

The most common place to position your infrared heating panels is on the wall. This way you can take advantage of the stylish design of the panels, as well as causing the least amount of distribution to you wiring. However, if installed on the walls you must ensure that they are at least 1.5m above the floor. This is in order to give optimal distribution of the emitted rays. If you imagine a panel installed only a few centimetres off the floor, it only takes a small item of furniture to block all of the heat that would otherwise be providing warmth to the room. So make sure that panels over 400 Watts are place 1.5m and above, while smaller panels are placed at least 1.2m from the floor.

For the infrared heaters such as the Aspect and Advantage range, as opposed to the panels, they are ideally situated around 2.4m from the floor.

All of the Herschel Infrared heating products are supplied with wall brackets and mounting instructions.

Ceiling mounted infrared heating panels

If you are interested in the Herschel Select, or indeed the Inspire White, panels then you may be interested in mounting them on the ceiling. This allows the full distribution of infrared rays, which maximises the efficiency of the panels.

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There is never any danger of furniture blockage and disruption, meaning that a more constant temperature can be achieved with minimal cold spots. When installed on the ceilings, the spread of infrared means that fewer panels are required. The fewer number of panels needed, the cheaper the job will be. The great thing about installing on the ceiling is also the space gained from not having something on the wall, allowing you to freely move cupboards, chairs & paintings wherever you please.

Stand alone infrared heating panels

If you aren’t so keen in having a permanent heating solution, or just want to have flexibility to move the heater from room to room, you can have the option to use the infrared heating panels as a plug in portable heater. The Herschel Select carbon fibre and Inspire white panels can be ordered with the relevant feet, which allow them to be safely stood up. As the infrared is emitted around 3-4m from the source, having the heaters on feet is perfect for large rooms.

Whenever you install infrared heating panels, just make sure that you know the infrared reaches around 3-4m and is emitted at an angle of 45 degrees.

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  1. Very interested in infra red heating fir an apartment we are buying. They would be ceiling mounted hopefully.
    My question is…….would a tiled floor be preferable to a engineered wooden floor to give more connected heat into th3croom or would it remain cold to walk on

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