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Infrared Heating Panels Review in 30 seconds

infrared heating panel review

The Herschel Select heater

In this infrared heating panels review, James briefly shows us the Herschel Select Framed infrared heating panel. With its plain white body, white powder coated frame and fantastic price, this is one of the most popular panels here on TheEcoStore and a workhorse of the IR panel market. The select framed panel comes with a 5 year warranty and delivers a powerful yet efficient heat for the room. This infrared heating panel comes in three sizes, 350W for small rooms, 540W for medium to small rooms and the 700W for medium sized rooms.

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How Do You Install Infrared Heating Panels?

Although it comes with a UK plug, we do recommend hardwiring it through a thermostat so you have time and temperature control over the room. These panels are fast becoming the most popular form of heat in electric properties, although they do also work brilliantly as supplementary heaters in other properties. They are particularly popular when people look to swap out their storage heaters for a more efficient and comfortable heating system.

Is Infrared Heating Any good?

While James, in his infrared heating panel review, shows us the Herschel Select framed model, we also provide the mirror, glass and even personalised picture panels. There is also the Inspire range, which are manufactured in Germany and have a 10 year warranty. All of these panels are slimline, with a thickness of around 2.5cm, with other dimensions differing depending on the power. At the end of the day, though, is Infrared heating any good? Don’t just take our word for it: here are some other reviews on the subject.

Here is a review of another Herschel panel: the Select XL, which is a white frameless panel.

Here is a review of Herschel Inspire panels in a whole-house install.

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How Do You Size Your Infrared Heating Panels?

To size your infrared heating panels, we say around 30W/m3 of room area – or 65-70W/m2 of floor area provided you have a ceiling height of around 2.7m. The more insulation your property has, the lower the wattage required and the less insulation the higher the wattage required. With panels starting at around £190, infrared heating panels are an brilliant solution to your heating needs.


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