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Herschel’s new middlewave heaters

Herschel California

Herschel Sunset range Herschel have a wide selection of heaters for all applications, but some of their heaters work best in indoor/covered spaces. They have now launched a new solution for outdoor heating: the midwave ‘Sunset’ range. These are more powerful than Herschel’s Aspect heaters, which are designed for warehouses and large indoor spaces, and also[…]

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Infrared heating FAQs

Herschel Picture Infrared Heating Panel

How do infrared heating panels work? Infrared heating panels provide powerful, but comfortable heat, whilst looking great and taking up minimal space. This has made them a very popular modern heating choice. They work through far infrared radiation, which means that they heat objects, rather than air – unlike traditional convection heaters. They are the perfect[…]

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Why are Herschel infrared panels the best on the market?

Herschel Inspire glass picture panel

There’s a reason why we only sell Herschel’s infrared heaters at TheEcoStore – they’re the best infrared heating panels on the market. There are increasing numbers of cheap infrared heating panels available online these days, including lots made very cheaply in China. It’s easy to believe you’re getting a good deal in buying the cheapest product[…]

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Perfect for the bathroom: Our mirror infrared heaters

We love Herschel infrared panels. They come in white as standard, however they are also available in glass, photo or mirror finishes. The mirrored panels are perfect for replacing your current bathroom mirrors, because they warm the room efficiently and don’t fog up! How does infrared heating work? Unlike traditional forms of heating, infrared works through[…]

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How to reduce heat loss through your walls

Un-insulated external walls are responsible for 35% of your home’s heat losses. Here’s what you can do to reduce heat loss through your walls! Wallrock Thermal Liner You can insulate your house internally by adding Wallrock thermal liner sheets to the internal walls. Generally, in common internal wall insulation methods you need to clear out the space[…]

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How to install Radflek radiator reflectors

Prior to Radflek installation

How to install Radflek What are radiator reflectors? Radflek radiators reflectors are a UK designed and manufactured energy efficient product, which aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating system, more specifically your radiators. The idea is that under normal circumstances, heat leaves your radiator from all directions, however only the heat leaving from[…]