FAQS: 100% Sheep wool insulation

Why should I use sheep wool insulation? First of all, sheep wool is completely safe for the user and the environment, because it’s the natural choice!  Our 100% sheep wool is chemical-free, and can be disposed of easily at the end of its useful life. Wool insulation contains the least ’embodied energy’ of any insulation[…]

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Herschel California

Herschel’s new middlewave heaters

Herschel Sunset range Herschel have a wide selection of heaters for all applications, but some of their heaters work best in indoor/covered spaces. They have now launched a new solution for outdoor heating: the midwave ‘Sunset’ range. These are more powerful than Herschel’s Aspect heaters, which are designed for warehouses and large indoor spaces, and also[…]

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save energy and emissions

How to save energy at home

Tackling the climate crisis and considering ways in which people can save energy at home, work or school, and really make a difference, is on everyone’s agenda. Whether it be school children taking the unprecedented move globally to strike from school, (the latest demonstration took place in Bristol just last week and was led by[…]

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4kWp solar array installed in Coleraine

Closure of the UK FiT (Feed-In-Tariff)

Solar has boomed in the UK since the introduction of the FiT (Feed In Tariff) for small-scale renewables in April 2010. There are now over 1.5m solar homes across the UK, and you’ll see roof-applied solar in almost every village, town and city across the country. The UK FiT pays solar home owners a tax[…]

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