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Closure of the UK FiT (Feed-In-Tariff)

4kWp solar array installed in Coleraine

Solar has boomed in the UK since the introduction of the FiT (Feed In Tariff) for small-scale renewables in April 2010. There are now over 1.5m solar homes across the UK, and you’ll see roof-applied solar in almost every village, town and city across the country. The UK FiT pays solar home owners a tax[…]

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Integrating Infrared Heaters with Solar PV and other renewables

Run your heating for free from the solar on your roof

In the near future all heating will be electric, powered by renewable or low carbon sources.  Because Infrared heating solutions are modular (i.e. individual panels, no single point of failure in the system) and all solid state (no moving parts to go wrong and require frequent replacement) and significantly less costly to buy and own[…]