Why far infrared is perfect for patio heating

by Henry Campbell

Why far infrared is perfect for patio heating

For those that are lucky enough to enjoy those spring, summer and autumn evenings outside will know that occasionally the rugs or gas patio heating has to come out just to keep the chill of the evening away and stop the party from ending prematurely.

However, these are often unsatisfactory and are frequently more hassle that they’re worth. Here are TheEcoStore we are big fans of Far-Infrared heating. While the most common method for far-infrared heating is found indoors, the outdoor patio heating heaters are becoming more and more popular. Low running costs and a comfortable heat make them perfect for patio installations.

Far-Infrared – the efficient patio heating

While you may have been in the outdoor areas of pubs and felt the harsh burning of halogen heaters, or near-infrared, our range of far-infrared patio heaters are much more of a gentle heat. Importantly this gentle heat still keeps the cold away and can even heat a larger area than traditional outdoor heaters. As many outdoor heating systems, such as gas burners and halogen heaters, heat you through a majority convection method, they waste a lot of energy.

Most of the heat that they produce never in fact reaches you, meaning you don’t feel the full potential of the heater. However, the far-infrared heaters actually heat you by emitting rays that travel unimpeded by wind etc until they make contact with your skin or clothing.

This then heats you up as if you were standing in bright sunshine on a winter’s day. There’s no way you can heat up all of the air on a patio, so the only truly efficient way to heat yourself is through far-infrared.

How do running costs compare?

So for a standard propane burning patio heater, you’d be looking at 16kW. Whereas to heat the same area using a far-infrared heater you would only need around 1.95kW. So at first glance the far-infrared heater would be cheaper to run, but you can’t see unless you have a look at the cost per kWh for each.

For electricity, a standard tariff would be £0.11/kWh compared with a 6kg propane tank costing £0.26/kWh. So if you have your patio heating on for 5 hours throughout the evening, the far-infrared would cost you 55p, not bad for 5 hours of warmth! However, for the propane you’re looking at £1.30, which can add up over the course of the summer. The additional benefit of the far-infrared is that you don’t have to fill up any tanks with gas, you just plug in and let it work its magic.

Far-infrared – comfortable yet powerful

The outdoor infrared heaters not only provide you with a very comfortable and powerful patio heating, but they also look fantastic and can fit into gardens/outside areas of modern and old properties alike. Coming with an integrated grill, the Aspect range includes fantastic patio heaters that will never let you down. With their efficient convex ceramic emitters and triple reflectors, the far infrared is spread further and father, ensuring everyone at the party stays warm throughout the night.

Unlike other conventional outdoor heaters, these far-infrared heaters do not glow and therefore allow you the pleasure of viewing the night sky in all its glory…. to be honest, conventional heaters are a bit annoying having such a bright light in your face.

Far-infrared are clean and safe for patio heating

The outdoor far infrared heaters are also emission free, unlike gas patio heaters that release carbon dioxide and some unpleasant gasses. So they are perfect for sheltered patios. They operate silently, and with no glow, meaning that they don’t disturb your evening BBQ.

One of the best things about the far-infrared heaters is the lack of any maintenance costs. Unlike the gas heaters they don’t have to be refilled, and unlike halogen heaters they don’t have a short lifespan.

So far infrared is a perfect heating option for your garden or outside area. Direct the heat to you and your seating area and enjoy those rare nights outside for longer!


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