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Select – Portable Infrared Panel Heater

Our Price: £349.00

Key Features:

  • Low energy localised warmth
  • 7 pence per hour running cost
  • SmartLife app controllable
  • Top-up heat when and where you want it
  • Compact portable infrared heater
  • Description


    The Select Portable Infrared Panel Heater is a 500 Watt freestanding, portable heater designed to provide top-up heating when and where you want it around your home or office. Perfect for providing personal heating where you don’t want a permanent heater. This low energy radiator provides a supplementary heating solution at minimal cost, just 7 pence* per hour to run. Ideal for the growing work from home market, keep comfortable on chillier days without having to heat the whole house – simply take it to where you need it and plug it in.

    The Select Portable Infrared Heater has an in-built thermostat to provide simple temperature control making it fully compliant with European energy saving regulation (Lot 20) and features internal safety thermal cut out sensors.  It also comes with Herschel’s SMART-R system for App-enabled control, via the SmartLife App. Just pair it with your home or office wifi and use it with the SmartLife app to form part of your wider home or office smart control solution.

    Herschel’s Select Portable radiator uses radiant heating technology to directly warm people, a cost-effective system for providing additional warmth where required.

    Available with a 5 year warranty the heater is supplied with feet and comes with a fitted UK plug. The heater is freestanding only and cannot be mounted to a wall.

    For commercial office environments, please also see the Select Ceiling Tile heaters which can be used in conjunction with Under Desk heaters to provide a complete office space heating solution.

    *Based on an average electricity tariff of 14 pence per hour.


    The Select Portable Infrared Panel heater is 75 x 55cm and is 500 Watts.

    Technical Specifications

    Surface: Frameless, Aluminium powder-coated white

    Rear: Steel

    Surface Temperature: Max 90C

    Cable: 1.6m power cable

    Voltage: 220-240V, 50/60Hz

    Protection: IP20.

    UKCA, CE Certificates



    The Select Portable Heater can operate stand-alone using its built-in thermostat.  Alternatively, you can pair the heater with the SmartLife App.

    Manuals & Guides

    Click here to download the Data Sheet.

    Click here to download the Installation Manual.

    Download the Smartlife App:

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