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Herschel IQ – T2 Single Zone Control

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Herschel’s simple starter control kit for heating a room or a single “zone”. This can operate as a stand-alone solution in a room or can use the SmartLife app for app-enabled control of your heating.

Comprising a Herschel iQ T2 Wireless Thermostat and iQ R2 Wireless Receiver, this pack will control up to 2kW (on 230V) Herschel Infrared panels on one electrical circuit and is extendable by purchase of additional R2 receivers to control more panels on other circuits (all receiving the same instructions from the T2).

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    Herschel IQ – T2 Single Zone Control – Product Description

    The perfect heating control for simple room use. It incorporates the very latest energy-saving technology and can operate stand-alone, or can pair to the SmartLife App to allow you to manage your heating via an App.

    T2 to R2 pairing
    The T2 is very easy to control and very well designed and work seamlessly with Herschel’s infrared heating panels. This single zone control pack comes with an R2 receiver and a T2 thermostat.

    What can the Herschel T2 Thermostat do?

    The Herschel iQ T2 Wireless Thermostat has a very clear backlit digital control display and easy-to-use functions including:

    • Time of Day;
    • Target Temperature control;
    • 7 x 1 day schedule with 4 times of day; Eco and Manual modes;
    • Window Open Function (shutting off the heating if the temperature drops more than 2°C in a 15 minute period until you override this or wait 1 hour);
    • “Adaptive Start” that ensures your room is always at the right temperature with the least energy use;
    • Wall-mounted or Free-standing.

    What can the Herschel iQ R2 Receiver do?

    The iQ R2 Wireless Receiver has the following additional capabilities:

    • 1 hr “Boost” function;
    • Unlimited R2’s can be paired to a T2,to control more heaters in the house (all receiving identical commands from the T2).
    • Acts as internet gateway for the T1 when app control using the SmartLife app is wanted.

    What are the other features of the single zone control system from Herschel iQ?

    • 10 Amp maximum load;
    • Radio Frequency 433Mhz;
    • 35m effective RF range;
    • 24 month warranty;
    • Herschel Infrared heaters together with the iQ Single Zone starter pack are fully compliant with EC Directive 2009/125/EC for Ecodesign of local space heaters.

    You can add as many R2 receivers to a single T2 (e.g. is the room was very big).  However to manage a separate room, you should purchase a separate T2 Control Pack.

    Download the Smartlife App:

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      1. Charlotte

        We installed infrared heaters a year ago and until now the one thing letting them down was the ability to control them easily. Bought these a couple of months ago and really impressed so far

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