Herschel Havana 800 Watts table top heater
Herschel Havana 800 Watts table top heater Herschel Havana 800 under table heater Herschel Havana 800 outdoor heater Herschel Havana 800 Table top heater

Herschel HAVANA 800 Watts

Our Price: £139.00

The Herschel HAVANA is a great choice for those looking for a simple, low running cost, highly portable and occasional use patio/conservatory heater. Havana provides instant localised warmth to those in close proximity.

Key features:

  • Under table, portable, low wattage
  • Free-standing with built-in handle
  • Warm glow, ultra low glare
  • Long life 800 Watt carbon lamp
  • Tip-over and safe touch safety protection.
  • Description


    The Havana is a freestanding, compact, middlewave heater that produces a pleasant orange glow, designed to gently warm those sitting close to it. Ideal for positioning underneath an outdoor table to take the chill off legs on colder evenings. It is best used in addition to wall mounted or overhead outdoor heaters.  It can also be used as a temporary heater for sitting close to in a conservatory or garden room or on caravanning / camping trips with electric supply.

    Havana utilises Herschel’s long life carbon fibre middlewave lamp, the very latest in outdoor heating technology. Easy to operate, simply plug in and switch on, the Havana can be moved to wherever you are looking for that extra warmth. It is completely silent and odour free in operation.

    Havana is lightweight and has a handle for ease of movement. For added safety, Havana has tip over protection built in, meaning the heater will turn off when not upright. It features a unique low surface temperature protective finish, so you won’t be at risk of burns if you accidentally touch the heater.

    At just 800W Havana will cost a minimal amount per hour to run.

    Power Requirements

    Rated Voltage (V)230V 50/60Hz
    Rated Current (A)3.5
    Fuse/Circuit Breaker Rating (A)13

    Heating Coverage

    Localised area.

    Technical Information

    Rated Power:

    Heating Element:



    Warm-up time:

    Useful waveband:



    Cable Length:


    800W at 230V

    Ultra long life Carbon heating lamp (up to 10,000 hours)

    Extruded aluminium, safety coated “suede” finish

    Ø20 x 65 cm

    5-10 seconds

    2 – 5µm

    4.2 kg

    2 Years (excludes lamp)




    Quality & Safety

    UK, CE Certifications

    IEC 60335-1; 60335-2-30 Electrical & Construction Safety Tested

    RoHS compliant

    Guarantee: 24 months: excludes lamp


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