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The Herschel Pulsar Infrared heater is a gorgeous, ceiling-mounted heating unit that is designed for installations where there is a high ceiling and large spaces that are frequently used. Its appearance and heating efficiency mean that the Pulsar is ideal for commercial areas, showrooms,shops, public halls and sports facilities where it will be in the public eye.


Herschel Pulsar

The Herschel Pulsar gives off a powerful yet comfortable heat, while running off a low wattage. The radiant design of the highly advanced Pulsar means that just 2.4kW is required to heat a floorspace of 25m2 from a height of 3m.  This means that they are incredibly efficient when compared to the 4kW you would need from a Quartz heater to reach the required temperature and 12kW from a gas heater . Not only are they cheaper, as  they run off a fraction of the cost of convection heaters, but they also have additional benefits.

*These are based on an average installation. Please note that many factors may influence this and we advise that you get in touch for more accurate sizing requirements. 

The designer infrared heater

A perfect designer heating for large commercial areas, games rooms and halls. It combines style with efficient, comfortable heating. The Herschel Pulsar is the perfect heating solution for those large, awkward to heat spaces often including workshops, commercial units and warehouses, as well as large conservatories. The Pulsar does reach temperatures of around 200oc so ensure that nothing can touch it.

Please see the photo in order to install it in the optimal position.

Product benefits – Herschel Pulsar Infrared Heater

    • No exhaust emissions so planning is not required
    • Due to the lack of noise and fumes they are the safest method of heating
    • Cheap and simple installation with only an electric cable required
    • No moving parts mean that they are maintenance free
    • Infrared heaters enable you to focus heat on areas of the room that require it most
    • No wasted energy spent on heating the air in areas where that heat is not required
    • Infrared has been medically approved with health benefits that include metabolism and circulation boosting properties.
    • Height – 303mm
    • Diameter – 800mm
    • Min length to wall – 1m
    • Min height from floor – 3m
    • Min height from ceiling – 0.6m

Please note that we charge a 10% restocking fee for returns.


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