Herschel Inspire infrared heating panel glass
Herschel Inspire infrared heating panel glass Herschel Inspire glass panel heater Herschel Inspire infrared heating panel glass Herschel infrared heating panel Herschel infrared heating panel Herschel infrared heating panel
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Herschel Inspire – Glass Infrared Panel Heater

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We are pleased to be able to offer you the latest in Infrared technology. Built in the heart of industrial Germany, these Herschel panels offer you a fantastic way of heating your home efficiently using Infrared. Using high manufacturing quality and design elegance, these panels are winners in all departments.

Made to order in Germany, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

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  • Description


    This Herschel glass infrared heating panel looks fantastic and comes in two colours: black and white. Designed to suit both modern and period properties, these glass panels deliver the same fantastic heating results while adding that extra bit of colour to spice up your home.

    They are the perfect energy efficient solution to help reduce your heating bills. Unlike conventional electric heaters that heat via convection, infrared heating panels heat a room via infrared waves (this is the same kind of heat produced by the sun – not to be confused with harmful UV radiation!).

    The difference between traditional convection heating and infrared is the way a room is heated – with convection heating the air is heated, hence you feel warm, but a cold draught can quickly remove that heat. Infrared on the other hand, heats solid objects – so when you stand in range of the panel you feel warm, since you are absorbing the infrared. It is the same reason you feel warm when the sun is shining, even in the middle of winter.

    Herschel Infrared heating panel – German Build Quality

    You can be confident in European construction. Infrared heating is fairly new to the UK market, but the Herschel Panels, which are manufactured in Germany, are quickly becoming the go-to brand for consumers wanting to take advantage of infrared heating.

    Herschel infrared heating panels are easy to install on your wall, and provide a warmth that encompasses the room. They are particularly good at targeting cold spots in the home, since they can be put on the opposite wall and targeted directly at the problem area. They will also help prevent the formation of damp and in doing so will help eliminate mould.

    Herschel infrared heating panels are also the best solution for those who suffer with allergies; traditional convection heating means that allergens are continuously circulated around the room, while our infrared heating panels use infrared waves that don’t require any major air particle movement. This means that pollen, dust and animal hairs are not circulated and breathed in, which may cause discomfort.

    The Herschel infrared heating panels can be used as complete central heating systems or as single room heaters in homes, extensions, garden rooms and conservatories. The almost instantaneous heat given off by the panels makes them perfect for almost any room.

    Herschel Infrared Glass Heating Panel – Product Features


    • *These are based on an average installation. Please note that many factors may influence this and we advise that you get in touch for more accurate sizing requirements. 
    • 350 Watt Panel – 90 x 30 cm – heats an area of 4-7 m2 – weighing in at 8 kg
    • 550 Watt Panel – 80 x 60 cm – heats an area of 7-12 m2 – weighing in at 12 kg
    • 750 Watt Panel – 90 x 70 cm – heats an area of 11-18 m2 – weighing in at 16 kg
    • 900 Watt Panel – 100 x 80 cm – heats an area of 13-22 m2 – weighing in at 20 kg


    All Herschel Inspire Infrared Heating panel and control products are developed & manufactured in the EU under strict European quality standards, and are certified to national safety standards.

    UK, CE Certifications


    • IP54-rated
    • We issue a 10 YEAR WARRANTY on all Herschel ‘ Inspire’ far infrared heating panels


    Please note:

    These panels are bespoke and are required to be manufactured in Germany – estimated delivery time – 2-3 weeks.

    We do not accept returns of this product as they are made to order.


    This panel must be used with iQ controls. Find more information here.



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    • Controls / Accessories

      Control Options (Required)

      • Herschel iQ MD2 Wired Thermostat
        Herschel iQ MD2 Wired Thermostat
      • Herschel iQ T1 Single Zone Control
        Herschel IQ – T2 Single Zone Control
      • Herschel iQ R2 Wireless Receiver

      Optional Accessories

      • Herschel Inspire – White Frameless Infrared Panel Heater
      • Herschel Inspire – Mirror Infrared Heater
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      1. Mr Dhubashi

        I didn’t go for the Herschel select range due to shorter warranty. It is worth the piece of mind for the 10yr warranty on the Inspire range. Prompt service. So far so good.

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