Why Should I Buy a Water Butt?

April 4, 2018 by Harriet Downes

Why Should I Buy a Water Butt?

In the UK we’re used to just turning a tap for an unlimited supply of water. It’s easy to forget that that water is one of the most versatile and significant materials found in our solar system.

We sell a lot of high tech gadgets here at the EcoStore, but sometimes the simple solutions are the best ones. Water butts come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, materials and designs. Channeling and storing rainwater is a great way to make the most of your environment, save on water bills, and maximise the potential of your garden.


With around half of all UK homes using water on a metered system, it’s important for many of us to keep an eye on what we use. When you pay for your water based on usage, every drop counts. Water butts utilise free, natural rainwater instead.


We don’t generally think of water as a resource that we need to worry about here in the UK – after all, it seems to fall on us enough. However useable, drinkable water needs careful management, and our demand is rising. The average person uses 150 litres of water every single day, but this is set to rise to 160 litres per person per day. Water butts allow us to use processed drinking water for its intended purpose instead of wasting it on our gardens.


Tap water is treated with a whole bunch of chemicals to make it safe for us to use- that’s no bad thing, it keeps the harmful bacteria out of our drinking supply and stops us all from getting cholera. However these chemicals can be harmful to plants. Your roses evolved over millions of years on rain water and they’re not used to chlorine and fluoride. If the pH value of the soil is changed it can affect plant growth by inhibiting their uptake of nutrients. Some plants are particularly susceptible – blueberries for example, will not grow successfully if watered repeatedly with water from your taps.


Hosepipe bans are not as common in the UK as in hotter countries, but they do happen. For many of us this means leaving our vegetable gardens and flowerbeds baking in the unforgivably hot, dry soil. For those with water butts, however, it simply means switching water sources. Simple.

Easy installation

Water butts can be installed incredibly easily, meaning you can get up and running in just about no time. Most of our water butts qualify for free 2-3 day delivery too.


While water butts are a great functional object and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the traditional green plastic design, some butts are sculptures in their own right. Take a look at our selection – my personal favourites are the Burgundy Water Butt and the Natural Stone Watering Post.


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