What is insulated render?

by Alan Bouquet

What is insulated render?

Insulated render is a bit of a misnomer. When people hear the term, they probably think of some sort of cement with insulating properties. This isn’t quite right. What it actually means is simply that an insulating board is applied to the wall before the render is installed.

The best way to install insulated render is to follow a specification from a system manufacturer. Each job will be slightly different, so choosing a good and reliable system is really important, as well as sticking to one system throughout an installation and not mixing and matching products.

That is why here at TheEcostore we have chosen to stock a system which provides everything you need from one source. Whether you need primers, base coats, fixings, top coats, mesh, starter tracks, beading or over sills, we’ll have a complete system for your job.

What is EWI Pro?

EWI Pro is a BBA-approved insulation system designed for the UK market. BBA accreditation is important because it ensures that the product meets the very highest standards and that it will be good enough for the job in hand. Each part of the system has been looked at carefully to ensure it meets the standard, and that the system as a whole does so. The benefits of these EWI products are as follows:

Fast delivery

We offer extremely fast shipping for our EWI Pro products. Because of our close relationship with the manufacturer, we can offer our insulation product at great prices, shipped out to you within a couple of days. That’s far quicker than most other insulation and render companies can manage, because we realise how important it is for jobs not to be delayed.

High quality product

Not only is EWI Pro BBA-accredited, but installers repeatedly comment on how great the products are is to work with. We offer some of the finest rendering materials available on the market. EWI Pro premium adhesive is as smooth as butter to apply, and makes sinking a fibreglass mesh easy. The silicone render top coat can be coloured with a huge variety of tints, is completely breathable, (allowing the walls to expel any excess moisture), and is hydrophobic. This means that any water runs off, rather than settling on the wall; this helps prevent plant matter or vegetation from taking hold on the wall, ensuring you keep that great colour over a long period of time.

All our EWI products are kept in stock

EWI Pro ship all their EcoStore orders direct to the customer, rather than using a middle man. This means that the products can go straight from the warehouse to the customer, avoiding any lengthy delays with distributors.

EWI Pro is affordable

As rendering and insulation systems go, EWI Pro is really cost-competitive. Many systems have distribution costs to factor in, whereas direct shipping means EWI Pro do not. Just ask us if you want to discuss a trade account – we can offer discounts if you’ll be making repeat orders.

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