Ventilate Your Loft Insulation Using EasyVent

by Ellen Evans

Ventilate Your Loft Insulation Using EasyVent

Why is my loft damp?

While loft insulation can considerably raise the energy efficiency of your home, its insulating qualities will be damaged if it soaks up water. While loft insulation helps retain heat in the rest of your home, it reduces the temperature of the roof space and restricts the flow of natural ventilation.

How can I damp-proof my loft?

Enhanced thermal protection from double-glazing combined with the use of white goods and showers leads to increased humidity in the home. Much of this moisture ends up in the roof due to natural convection. Water vapour can rise through the top floor ceilings into the loft. The problem is that if your loft is cold, insulation will keep the cold in. When this hits cold surfaces, the water condenses and drips down into your loft insulation, impairing its thermal qualities.

How do EasyVent loft vents work?

One solution to this problem is EasyVent loft insulation ventilation. Fresh air ventilation allows your loft to breathe and provides an exit route for moisture in the air. EasyVent loft insulation solutions are easy to install yourself from inside your loft, without the need for tools. They fit easily into your roofing felt and prevent the build up of moisture in your insulation. Best of all, it is a BBA Approved product, meaning it can be relied on to do what it promises to.

If you want to avoid this problem altogether, you could look at installing 100% sheep wool insulation, which can absorb 33% of its weight in water before its insulating capabilities are reduced!

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