TheGreenAge Plus+ Energy Survey

by Henry Campbell

TheGreenAge Plus+ Energy Survey

TheGreenAge Plus+ Energy Survey

After the green deal died last year and as a result green deal assessments dried up, there is light at the end of the tunnel. TheGreenAge, our friends in energy advice, are offering a fantastic range of free information on their website, but also offer a tailored energy saving survey for your property, lasting up to 3 hours as well as a PDF document and slideshow, through the GreenAge Plus+ for only £199+VAT.

£299+VAT – but you get £150 voucher for TheEcoStore!!!

The starting price is £199.99+VAT, however we have teamed up with TheGreenAge to offer a GreenAge Plus + survey for £299+VAT which comes with a £150 voucher for TheEcoStore!

Why bother with a tailored energy survey for your home?

Many people will live in their home not even knowing where they are losing heat, why they pay so much for electricity and how inefficient their boiler is. We feel that in order to be as efficient as possible and that means reducing your energy bills, you have to know your house inside out from an energy perspective.

What does the survey look into?

During these surveys, TheGreenAge’s team of highly qualified assessors look at the entire thermal envelope of the home, which includes the walls, floors and roof as well as the windows and doors. TheGreenAge provide a view on the u-value of the existing walls and what insulation would be required to get them to adhere to today’s building regulations.

TheGreenAge will also take you through heating systems, from Biomass, Heat pumps, Megaflow systems, Combi boilers and more. Further renewables are looked at, with RHI calculations provided giving you exact paybacks.

Don’t just listen to us ramble on about it, get in touch with TheGreenAge now and book your GreenAge Plus + energy survey now!

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