TheEcoStore’s new range of LED bulbs

October 5, 2015 by Henry Campbell

TheEcoStore’s new range of LED bulbs

TheEcoStore – the home of the LED

We have always been proud to provide a wide variety of LED bulbs, from candle shaped frosted cool whites to dimmable warm white GU10s and everything inbetween – we even a few nightlights for the youngsters. Our range includes the filament bulbs, which give the fantastic feel of the old incandescent bulbs with the energy savings connected with LEDs. We also provide some of the newest GU10s on the market.

The Lumilife GU10 bulbs are fantastically good value, delivering great lumen output at a minimal wattage while enhancing any room.

Changing to LED couldn’t be easier

These GU10s come in a wide variety of strengths, which means there are options to suit any room. From extra bright 7 watt bulbs that act as a direct replacement for those powerful 70 watt halogens, to even the smallest spotlights. Coming in traditional warm white, daylight or cool white, there is a colour temperature for every usage and room.

The new range of GU10s, from Lumilife, can also be purchased in dimmable versions so you can keep that mood lighting just how you like it.

What are lumen outputs and how bright are LEDs?

Traditional halogen spotlights have around 10 lumens per watt. This means that a 50W bulb with have a lumen output of 500. When you compare this with our range of high powered LED GU10s, at 90 lumens per watt, it is clear to see how efficient they really are.

Save money quickly – go LED

LEDs are one of the quickest and easiest ways to save money in the home. They can also be taken with you, so even if you are living in rented property they are well worth your while.

LEDs must not be confused with the older energy savings bulbs, which take a while to reach maximum brightness and give off a fairly old-fashioned colour temperature. The technology has now improved so much that once the bulbs have been installed, there is no way of knowing, that is until those lower electricity bills start coming through.

Where to change to LED

LED bulbs now come in all shapes and sizes so it is incredibly easy to simply swap out all of your existing incandescent and halogen bulbs.

Table lamps – standard B22 fitting lamps (and E27) often use around 50-60 watts. They give off a nice warm light and so need to be replaced with something as like for like as possible. We recommend going for the 4 Watt LED filament bulbs, which give off a lovely warm light and look pretty similar to the old incandescent. If you need something a little more powerful, have a look at the 6.5W.

Ceiling lights and chandeliers – these tend to be candle bayonet fittings in a warm white. We recommend the 2.5 watt candle filament bulbs, that look great and provide that brilliant gentle light for hallways and living rooms.

Spotlights – there are two types of spotlights commonly found in the home. MR16s & GU10s. Traditionally MR16s have always been tricky as they run off 12 volts. Therefore we would always recommend swapping out the fitting and replacing it with a GU10. This is the only instance where, although possible to do a direct replacement swap, we recommend changing the fitting.

If you have GU10 fittings in place to begin with, swapping out your old bulbs couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is decide what colour temperature you required. For living areas we recommend using the traditional warm white, to give a nice gentle and relaxing atmosphere – you can even add a bit of mood lighting by going dimmable. For reading rooms and home offices, you should go slightly cooler, we would recommend daylight for these areas just to give a clearer light.

So start saving today and replace those old bulbs with our LEDs. You can save up to £10 per bulb per year!

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