The ECO Kettle – how it began

by Henry Campbell

The ECO Kettle – how it began

The ECO kettle is the most environmentally friendly and efficient kettle available on the market today. It not only has a measuring scale that enables you to only boil/heat up the amount of water required, but it also has a two chamber design meaning that it can store cool water at the same time as boiling, so fewer trips to the kitchen sink! The final feature of the ECO kettle is the temperature setting. Not only can you set it to boil, but you can also heat the water to 90 degrees or 80 depending on the drink you’re brewing up. Why boil the water to then let it cool before making your coffee, as we all know you shouldn’t add boiling water to your coffee anyway!

So where did the idea come from and how did it start?

Kettles are the most used appliances in the family home, with an average family using it 4 times a day and 1500 times per year. That’s a lot of energy, and if it isn’t an efficient model you could be losing money unnecessarily. Brian Hartley and Peter Ingledew invented and developed the Eco Kettle in order to reduce carbon emissions around the world. Saving around 30%, when compared to normal kettles, there is certainly potential for thousands of tonnes of carbon to be saved and with nearly half a million sold they must be pleased.

Energy Saving Trust & the recommended sticker

The energy saving trust were certainly impressed as they gave the ECO kettle the EST recommended sticker! After strict testing, they concluded that the ECO kettle showed the minimum reduction in energy consumption of 20% to average kettles and indeed broke that quite comfortably.

Brian and Peter stressed to us here at TheEcoStore that if everyone boiled only the water they required each time they wanted a brew for a year, the UK could benefit from 2 months of streetlight power, or 70,000 households’ electricity for a year and £160 million of electricity would be saved.

ECO Kettle

The ECO Kettle, with its dual chamber and 3 temperature settings

Join royalty in buying the ECO kettle

With customers including Price Charles (around 10) and Richard Branson (at least 20 units), it is clearly a kettle to go for. It is also a permanent exhibit in the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry!


The best energy saving products and most effective efficient appliances are almost always the ones that require minimum or no behavioral changes from the consumers’ point of view. This is where the ECO kettle shows its strength, as not only is it incredibly easy to use but also doesn’t require anything different. Simply keep drinking your tea and coffee, but with a touch more efficiency!

We had a chat with Peter Ingledew and here’s what he had to say

“Brian came to me with an idea about 10 years ago, to design and manufacture a brand new age of energy efficient kettles. I was immediately on board, and after a stroke of luck when an old school friend got us the funds we needed to push it through to market, we sit here today having sold around half a million ECO kettles worldwide. Not bad!”

“The idea came when Brian saw that research taking place in the UK suggests that people are most likely to overfill the kettle by 100%, but I’m sure you’ll agree that with conventional kettles it’s pretty awkward trying to fill the perfect amount. That’s where the unique dual chamber design comes into its own and immediately stops any unnecessary waste.”

“Along with the dual chamber are the different temperature settings, which I think are fantastic. The 80 degrees (25% savings) is perfect for herbal teas and 90 degrees (20% savings) is perfect for Coffee.”

“It is a fantastic kettle, and I can’t think of a better website and group of people than TheEcoStore to sell it! I’m pleased to find an energy efficiency store that has a passion for the environment to match mine”

So there you have it. An incredibly efficient, commonly used appliance that can help you save money and save – to a certain extent – the environment.

Follow Richard Branson’s lead and buy yourself one HERE– or 20!

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