Painting your bathroom?

July 17, 2017 by Ellen Evans

Painting your bathroom?

If you’re decorating a bathroom or kitchen, there are some extra things you’ll need to bear in mind. Cooking, showering and laundry create a lot of water vapour, which can condense on surfaces, encouraging the formation of damp and mould. Damp is dangerous to health, as well as looking ugly and leading to structural problems that can be difficult to resolve. Damp problems can be pretty tricky and expensive to get rid of once they’ve taken hold, so it’s well worth taking preventative steps where you can.

When it comes to painting bathrooms and kitchens, we recommend Auro’s specially-designed products. Not only are Auro 524 and 327 interior wall paints made from natural ingredients, but they allow walls to breathe, too. A paint that can stand up in humid environments is a must in these areas of the house.

Auro paints are the environmentally-friendly and safe choice, but they also look great; both of these paints can be tinted in any Auro shade, giving you huge choice over the final finish.

Auro 524 Washable Emulsion

The clue is in the name with this one – Auro’s 524 emulsion paint is washable and wipe-clean. Its water-repellent surface means water won’t settle on the surface and permeate walls, and you can also remove mould spores before they start to cause problems.

The paint has high opacity, so one coat will normally cover walls well. It is virtually odourless and doesn’t release harmful compounds into the air.

Auro 327 Anti-Mould Paint

Auro 327 contains active ingredients that prevent the growth of mould. The chemical-free, non-toxic choice, it stops mould with its naturally high PH value. Like the vast majority of Auro’s other products, 327 is solvent-free and made from raw, naturally-sourced ingredients.

If your walls are already mouldy, it’s important to treat them before painting. Check for any causes of underlying damp and treat any structural issues, before painting with anti mould paint to stop it coming back.

Prevent damp

There’s no point choosing your paint carefully if you’re not taking steps to prevent damp in your home. Treat any leaks or structural problems as soon as you notice them, before they have a chance to do real damage. Always ensure adequate ventilation, especially when cooking and showering, and dry clothes outside when possible. Choose insulation that allows your walls to breathe and use smart heating controls to avoid extremes of temperature.

Auro are a true ‘eco’ brand, with unbeatable products. So, next time you come to redecorate, why not try Auro? 

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