Is Wallrock flammable?

by Ellen Evans

Is Wallrock flammable?

We get great feedback about Wallrock insulating wallpaper. It’s affordable, easy to install, and has great thermal properties. However, a lot of people understandably want to know that it is fire-safe before installing it.

The answer is Wallrock Fireliner. This has been designed as both a fire retardant covering for Wallrock Thermal Liner, and a standalone product to smooth and protect walls before painting or wallpapering. This should be used in conjunction with Wallrock FR Adhesive for the best results.

What’s different about Wallrock Fireliner?

Wallrock Fireliner is specifically designed to protect otherwise flammable surfaces from fire. It can be hung on the wall just as easily as any other wallpaper, and is best used with Wallrock FR Adhesive. This removes heat from the reaction and creates a protective char between the burning and un-burnt components on the wall, slowing down heat transfer between them to prevent the spread of flames.

Wallrock recently carried out extensive product testing with regards to fire safety. The system is Class 1 rated for fire resistance, and therefore meets building regulations. Download the fire test report here and find a guide to fire ratings here.

For the most inflammable result possible, Wallrock Thermal Liner should first be applied with Wallrock Thermal FR Adhesive. This is then over-lined with Wallrock Fireliner (also applied with FR Adhesive). It can then be painted over or wallpapered.

For a full installation guide, see the links at the bottom of the product page.



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