How do you use a folding solar panel kit?

by Henry Campbell

How do you use a folding solar panel kit?

How do you use a folding solar panel kit?

One of the most popular pieces of kit on TheEcoStore is the folding solar panel kit. It allows you to break free from the constraints of mains electricity, while still having your luxuries that you are used to. It is the perfect gadget for campervans, motorhomes, yachts and caravans. If you already head out on camping trips then you may know that to power many of your appliances – fridges, TVs, radios and lighting rigs – you need a 12volt battery.

Having a battery is great as it can power all of these appliances without you needing a mains electricity point. However, once it runs out you’re left with nothing! This is where the folding solar panel kit comes in. Once you have set up for the day, all you need to do is set up the folding solar panel, which takes around 30 seconds! Clip the crocodile clips onto the battery and keep it topped up. Don’t worry about leaving it be, as the solar charge controller keeps the battery in good shape and doesn’t let back-flow once the sun stops shining.

Safety instructions for the folding solar panel kit

    • Ensure that the battery has enough voltage for the controller to recognise
    • Charge regulator idea for lead acid batteries, OPEN, AGM, GEL
    • Charge controller only suitable for solar modules

Product features of the folding solar panel kit

    • Built-in industrial micro controller
    • One-key setting, digital display and auto memory function
    • 4 stage PWM charge management
    • Short circuit, open circuit, reverse and over-load protection

How to connect the system

    • Connect the battery to the charge regulator – 1 if it detects 12V battery and 2 if it detects 24V battery
    • Connect the folding solar panel to the regulator
    • Connect the consumer to the regulator
    • Reverse the steps for deinstallation

Highest level of protection

The protective case helps keep the panel in tip top shape while you’re not using it.


Easy flip out legs

The easy flip out legs give the panel the optimal angle to harness the maximum power of the sun.


High quality charge controller

A waterproof charge controller expertly monitors and keeps the battery going as long as possible.


Durability and performance from this folding solar panel kit

Long cables so you don’t have to have the panel close to your camper and strong hinges allow the panel to be used over and over again.


The folding solar panel kit is brilliantly designed

Brilliant folding design allows it to be stored easily.



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