SupaSoft Insulation – Recycled Plastic Bottles


Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, this SupaSoft is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to insulate your loft, cavity and floor. Itch free and easy to install, SupaSoft uses plastic bottles that would usually be left to wind up in the Pacific Trash Vortex, to help insulate your property and save money and cut carbon emissions.

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How to Calculate how much you need

Using the thermal conductivity of this product (0.040), you can work out either the thickness you require or the U-Value you will achieve. Simply divide the Thermal Conductivity by the thickness to work out the U-Value, or divide it by the U-Value you want to reach to work out the thickness required.

0.040 / Thickness = U-Value
0.040 / U-Value = Thickness

Benefits of the SupaSoft

This SupaSoft Insulation offers you an insulating product unlike all others. Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, this product doesn’t just save you money and cut carbon emissions but also helps reduce harmful plastic from entering the food chain. A durable, efficient and effective insulation material. Coming in 150mm or 100mm thickness and 390mm or 590mm width means that there is a size to suit all of your insulation requirements.

    • 100 x 390 x 7000 (2.73m²) Roll
    • 100 x 590 x 7000 (4.13m²) Roll
    • 150 x 390 x 4650 (1.81m²) Roll
    • 150 x 590 x 4650 (2.74m²) Roll

SupaSoft has a light to medium density of 13kg/m3, which makes it perfect for acoustic and thermal insulation in a variety of places. It is also long-lasting and is designed to outlast your property. Installing SupaSoft will help reduce carbon emissions.

Installing the SupaSoft

SupaSoft is insulation made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and comes in rolls, it is also itch and irritant free, which means it is easy and safe to work with. It does not require protective gloves or clothing however we recommend using a mask, but only due to the dust that can already be in you loft. If you do need to cut the SupaSoft insulation, all that is required is a simple tear or cut. Just unroll the insulation, cut or tear it to the required size and save money today. Any off-cuts can also be recycled or reused.

Performance of SupaSoft

SupaSoft has a thermal conductivity of 0.040Wm-1K-1 giving it great all round insulation qualities, and with a thickness of 300mm you reach a U-Value of 0.1333W/m2K.

SupaSoft – Product features

    • Made in the UK
    • 100% recycled plastic
    • Width – 390 or 590mm
    • Thickness – 100 or 150mm
    • Thermal Conductivity – 0.040Wm-1K-1
    • Density – 13kg/m3
    • ISO 9001 & 14001



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