420W Wind turbine – Silentwind 400+

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Take electricity generation into your own hands with this extremely high quality wind turbine from Silentwind. With a power rating of around 420W and a cut in wind speed of 2.2m/s, this turbine is ideal for all wind strengths both on land and sea.

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All 7 boats on the VOLVO OCEAN RACE 2014 had the SilentWind fitted – so it must be good!

This Silentwind combines quiet efficiency with high durability to deliver perfect electricity generation. It is available in 12 and 24V.

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420W Wind turbine – Silentwind 400+

The abundance of wind available for electricity generation across the globe has increased the need for technological improvements within wind turbines. However, we are finally proud to be able to sell one of the most advanced and efficient wind turbine available on the market. The Silentwind combines fantastic aesthetics with incredible performance, giving you the opportunity to generate your own electricity where ever you are.

Aerodynamics from the aviation industry

By using wind tunnel testing and advanced aerodynamics combined with a three phase permanent magnet generator, with Neodymium-Iron–Boron-(NDFeB) magnets, the Silentwind 400+ achieves an incredibly low start up speed of only 2.2m/s ( less than 4.3 knots) as well as a top output of 420w at only 1350 RPM, 30% less rotation speed than other 400w generators.

Ideal for boats, caravans and motorhomes, or indeed any duration of time spent away from mains electricity, this wind turbine can either charge a battery or run the correct voltage appliances directly. Don’t go on a holiday away from electricity without one.

Testing the quiet Silentwind 400W wind turbine

The Silentwind has been designed and tested in extreme wind speeds up to 122 km/h, using the latest wind tunnel technologies, without complaints. Giving you the confidence to leave it up in winds that would damage standard small-scale wind turbines.

Using aircraft engineering, Silentwind have been able to design and manufacture the sleekest turbine for the quietest electrical generation to date.

Extreme Performance and Durability of the Silentwind

With handmade, laminated UV resistant Carbon Fibre (CFK) Blades and the highest quality components, the Silentwind is one of the most durable turbines on the market. Successfully tested according to DIN EN 61400-2 at hurricane speed 122km / h (5480 rpm, with almost speed of sound at the blade tips). It requires minimal maintenance and continues to generate electricity in the harshest of weathers. The permanent magnet-generator provides efficient output while also improving on durability compared with geared turbines.

The low cogging torque of the Silentwind also allows for electricity to be generated at as low as 2.2m/s of wind speed. This means that the scope for electricity generation and start up performance is a lot larger than standard wind turbines that often need up to 10m/s to get started.

The Silentwind comes with a charge controller, to ensure that the battery is never over-charged, which can lead to irreparable damage. The charge controller makes sure that any surplus electricity that is generated after the battery is fully charged, is diverted to resistors or electrical appliances.

Silentwind Additional Extras

    • Mast set
    • Mast Tube set



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