Herschel Select XL – Glass Infrared Panel Heater

Herschel infrared heating panel
Herschel infrared heating panel Select XL Glass XL-HS700-GW Select XL Glass Select XL Glass rear Select XL white with Easyfix mount Select XL white glass as memo board Select XL Edit IMG_5524 IMG_5511
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Special offer whilst stocks last. 50% off Herschel Select XL white glass infrared heaters.

Herschel’s glass infrared heating panel is suitable for any room in your home, office, salon or yoga studio. It keeps you warm and penetrates into the wall to dry out any damp and prevent mould.

Infrared is a great alternative to traditional convection heating. The panels emit (safe) radiation that hits solid objects such as walls, furniture (and you!) and warms them directly. This means you are not paying to heat air which then escapes through the thermal envelope. As a result, infrared heating panels are efficient and cheaper to run than central heating systems.

Get great control over your heating, with these efficient, stylish panels. They take up very little space as they lie almost flat on the wall. Wall mounting only.

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  • Herschel iQ MD1 Wired Thermostat
    Herschel iQ MD1 Wired Thermostat
  • Herschel iQ T1 Single Zone Control
    Herschel IQ – T2 Single Zone Control
  • Herschel iQ R2 Wireless Receiver


Herschel Select XL Infrared Heating Panel – Glass

Herschel Select XL Infrared Heating Panel – Glass is suitable for any room in your home, office, salon or yoga studio. It keeps you warm and penetrates into the wall to dry out any damp and prevent mould.

Made with safety glass and manufactured from the highest quality materials under strict quality control; as such, it is guaranteed for 5 years. Unlike radiators, it requires no maintenance.

Available in black or white glass finish. Wall mounting only.

Herschel Select XL sizes

These are based on an average installation. Please note that many factors may influence this and we advise that you get in touch for more accurate sizing requirements. 

    • 500 Watt – 60cm x 100cm x 2.5cm – heated area of approx. 9-12sqm
    • 700 Watt – 70cm x 130cm x 2.5cm – heated area of around 13-15sqm

Herschel Select XL – features, safety and quality

    • SURFACE: ESG Safety Glass
    • COLOUR: White
    • HEATING ELEMENT: Herschel COSIX© Cell Technology
    • REAR PANEL: Aluminium with Herschel EASY-FIX system
    • FRAME: Frameless
    • SURFACE TEMPERATURE: App. 85o C – 95o C
    • VOLTAGE: 230/240 V, 50 Hz
    • CABLE: 2.5 m power cable
    • INSTALLATION: Wall mounted
    • WARRANTY: 5 years
    • CE Certification (by TÜV Rheinland, Germany)
    • TÜV GS Certification (by TÜV Rheinland, Germany)
    • SAA
    • RoHS


This panel must be used with iQ controls. Find more information here.


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    Reviews (2)

    1. Peter Hinchcliffe

      These are superb value. We bought 2 of the Select infrared panels last year, but we spoke to Henry (who has been fantastic both times we have dealt with him now) who let us know that these XL glass panels are currently on a special offer and therefore the price is near enough the same as the Select panels. They still provide the same comfortable level of heat, but they are far sleeker than the more basic panels. Would thoroughly recommend – great value!

    2. bjarne

      Again thank you for delivering to my town in Denmark. Looking good