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The Herschel Infrared Towel Rail, made specifically for the Select XL Glass and Mirror range of panels, allows you to have an efficient method of heating in your bathrooms while also having the ability to hygienically and usefully hang your bathrobes and towels. The Infrared Towel Rail means that you never have to dry yourself with a damp towel again, as the Infrared works deep into the towel. Not only is your infrared heating panel efficient, but with the towel rail it is also incredibly useful outside of heating.

Importantly the Infrared Towel Rails only work with the Select XL Glass and Mirror Panels.

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The Infrared Towel Rail

While most bathroom heaters have an integrated towel rail, they do not posses the qualities that Infrared Heating Panels do. Importantly, standard convection heaters are often the worst for bathrooms, as extractor fans just whip out the heated air. However, infrared works by heating the surfaces, meaning that it doesn’t how much air is replaced in the bathroom as the surfaces – being your skin etc – are kept warm, just like the sun on a winter’s day.

One further benefit of the infrared towel rail is the speed of which they dry, when the panel is on. The infrared works by heating up the molecules of the towels and boosting evaporation. Meaning that you don’t have to dry yourself with a damp smelly towel again.

These Herschel Infrared Towel Rails are only manufactured to be used in conjunction with the Select XL panels, both glass and mirror.

Herschel Select XL Infrared Towel Rail – Product Features

    • Only to be used with Select XL Glass and Mirror panels
    • Manufactured specifically for Select XL Glass and Mirror infrared heating panels
    • Ideal for bathroom use


This panel can be switched on at the mains, or wired in and used with smart heating controls. Find more information here.


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