Off-grid Hybrid electricity generation kit – 660W


This Hybrid, electricity generation renewable energy kit comes with a 400W small-scale wind turbine and a 260W Solar system, which ensures the maximum electrical generation whatever the weather.

It also comes with two AGM 12V 100Ah batteries as well as the correct cables and connectors to ensure maximum return.

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Off-grid Hybrid electricity generation kit – 660W

The beauty of Wind and Solar is that, not only will it be around for future generations unlike fossil fuels, but it is available everywhere from the the cities to the most remote parts of the country.

The beauty of this off-grid electricity generation system is that it can be set up anywhere and will provide you with all the electricity you need to survive away from a grid environment.

This set comes with two batteries, hybrid charge controller, 260W solar panel and 400W wind turbine.

The improvement of off-grid electricity generation systems

Until fairly recently, off-grid electrical generation systems have lagged behind their on-grid counterparts. However, we can now offer a hybrid system that ensures you can generate electricity wherever you are. The importance of an off-grid system is obviously storage, as much of the electricity is produced when it isn’t required. For example you don’t need to have lights on during the day when electricity is being produced by the solar panel. Therefore this off-grid system stores the generated electricity in a 12V battery. This is then able to provide you with enough power to get you through the times when the intermittent qualities of the renewable system do not generate electricity. Another plus factor of the hybrid system is that during cloudy days and after the sun goes down, the wind turbine can still produce electricity when there is a wind – and vice versa for still, sunny days.

The scenarios for an off-grid system like this are endless. Micro-generation is important as it increases the scope for prolonged periods of travel away from electricity, as well as an increased comfort level when living off the electricity grid.

Sunrise mono-crystalline 260W solar panel

This is a panel composed of 72 polycrystalline silicon cells with high yield.

Design techniques and meticulous production from SOLARTECH provide long-term high performance. Rigorous quality control and testing facilities ensure that Sunrise panels meet the criteria for the highest quality.

    • Max power : 260W
    • Maximum peak current :8.46
    • Open circuit voltage : 37.08
    • Short circuit current : 9.13
    • Temp (°C) : -40 to +85
    • Max protection over current rating : 15
    • Output power tolerance : +3/-3
    • Maximum system voltage : 1000
    • Pmax Temperature coefficient : -0,53
    • Voc Temperature coefficient : -0,37
    • Isc Temperature coefficient : 0.031
    • Dimensions (mm) : 1637 x 992 x 45
    • Weight (kg) : 20
    • Cell efficiency : 18.23%
    • Module efficiency : 15.7%

Wind turbine – 400W


Batteries – 2X AGM 12V 100Ah

    • Capacity : 100AH
    • Cycle Applications : 500 to 50% discharge – 1200 to 30% discharge
    • Dimensions (mm) : 330 x 171 x 220
    • Weight (kg) : 32

Off-grid Hybrid electricity generation kit – Product Features

    • Generate free electricity where ever you are
    • Solar panel – 260W
    • Wind turbine 400W
    • 2 X Batteries
    • 1 X Hybrid Solar regulator
    • Leads and connectors

 Hybrid Solar Regulator

    • Three-phase, soft brake technology ensures full protection throughout the system
    • Easy to understand, menu-driven hybrid system
    • Over-speed protection of the wind turbine, giving it a fantastic long life
    • Temperature display as well as a real-time monitoring controller and operating environment including monitoring of electrical parameters
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • System parameters can be set by the user, ensuring environment efficiency



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