Herschel Select – White Framed Infrared Panel Heater

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(57 customer reviews)

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The Herschel Select framed infrared heater is a great, affordable way of heating the home. Due to Infrared’s more efficient form of energy transfer, they are cheaper to run than heaters than heat the air. These panels are made with a powder-coated aluminium emitting surface and white aluminium frame. They have been specifically optimised for UK voltage.

End of line heaters at a fantastic discount price, with full 5 year warranty.

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Herschel Select infrared heating panels offer you the very best in infrared technology.  Herschel Select panels provide you with 100% energy efficient heating. With high manufacturing quality and design elegance, these panels are winners in all departments and are a great way to move into the infrared age in style. Finished with a white powdered aluminium face and white aluminium frame, these panels look fantastic.

These classic white Herschel Select infrared heating panels are a great value energy-efficient solution to help reduce your energy bills and modernise your heating system. Unlike conventional electric heaters that heat via convection, infrared heating panels use far-infrared to heat surfaces. This is the same sensation you get when feeling the sun’s warmth on an otherwise chilly day.

Herschel Select infrared heating panels are 100% efficient, transforming 1kWh of electricity into 1kWh of heat, and can therefore save you vast amounts of money when replacing electrical convection heaters.

All of these panels are made with a powder-coated white aluminium surface with a white frame.

About the product

    • Economical to run
    • Easy to install
    • Prevents mould, condensation and cold spots
    • No circulation of dust, pollen or other allergens
    • 100% efficient heating solution
    • IP44-rated
    • CE & RoHS marked product
    • 5 year warranty

Product Sizes

Choosing the size of panel is one of the most important factors when purchasing infrared heating panels. Too small and they may never reach the required temperature. Too large and the panels will not work at maximum efficiency.

The heated areas below are guidelines. Please note that many factors may influence this and we advise you use our Requirements Calculator or get in touch for an exact specification. 

    • 540watt panel – 90 x 60 x 2.5cm; 4.9kg – Heats an area of approx. 9 – 12m
    • 700watt panel – 119.5 x 59.5 x 2.5cm; 7.5kg – Heats an area of approx. 13 – 15m

Looking for different styles of panels?

We provide a whole range of infrared heating panels, from the basic range to the mirrored and even personalised picture panels.


The installation of the framed infrared heater is simple and any qualified electrician should be able to install these for you.  This panel must be used with iQ controls. Find more information here.


The courier will dispatch the infrared panels within 24 hours of placing the order and delivery should be within 1-2 working days.


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Reviews (57)

  1. Tristan Aberwale

    Bought some panels from ecostore 5 years ago for my previous property. Reason we liked the infared so much as due to our brilliant cavity wall insulation hence a lot of the heat staying in rooms for a while. Bought another 2 for our new house to supplement our central heating

  2. Keith Booker

    Bought an infrared heater on the recommendation of a friend. They are great. Heats the room nice and quickly. It is simply plug in and play so it doesn’t have any heating controls built in, but for my purposes it works great.

  3. Joy Ali

    Installed and on the wall. Looks like all working fine, but we haven’t used them properly yet as the weather has been too hot

  4. Weng


  5. R Jones

    Overall a satisfactory service

  6. Will

    Much better panels. We bought panels from S##### heating and they were a pile of *****…excuse the French. Hooefully these laast tje 5 year warrsnty as thry say thry are suppose to.

  7. Sandstorm

    Work well

  8. Brett

    Really helpful and quick to deal with, They helped me pick the best infrared heating panels and accompanying wireless thermostat to go with them. I had a few questions which I emailed over and they responded in minutes, not hours or days like others. Luckily for me there prices matched there service level and I purchased everything from them. Brilliant Service and Product Range on Infrared Equipment for Home Heating. Well Done 5 Stars

  9. Alice ray

    Excellent infrared heaters. Good price and work well now the cold weather is here.

  10. Pavel

    Interested in trialing those (initially for the bedroom, and potentially get rid of the gas heating,which require replacement anyway). Few questions I can’t find answers for:
    1. What’s the surface temperature and how safe it is in that regard?
    2. What does “insulation” in XL and inspire actually means? Those heaters are front directional, why do they still need insulation?
    3. In all the marketing materials it says it is using FIR, but what actual wavelength it is using on full power?

  11. Kurt

    Bought a heater from you last year, which by the way is all fine and good, and trying to get the same sizing as before. Do you sell the 850watt heater or do I have to go for the Herschel Inspire?

    • James Alcock

      Hi Kurt,
      Assuming you bought the 850w Select. Unfortunately the 850w was discontinued and the maximum size within the Select range is now 700w. If you are looking to buy higher wattage panels you will need to look at the inspire or the Select XL (850w or 1000w).

  12. Benji devil

    Great heaters, but they are expensive. Would recommend d anyone to try infrared though. Works very well.

  13. Ben.ovin

    Happy with our new heaters, they seem to work well.

  14. Amir

    I read about these and didn’t really understand how they worked so I rang the company for some advice. Ordered the cheapest model to test it out – it arrived really quickly and I’m really impressed! I’m going to put them in every room as soon as I’ve got the money…

  15. ElectricJohn

    We have been installing these infrared heaters for a long time and customers love them. These Herschel infrared panels are very good so if you are looking to buy infrared you can’t go far wrong with these.

  16. Ray

    2 in the ceiling and 3 on the walls in my cold basement games toom.
    Pretty good

  17. Castlegreen

    Bought 3 of these infrared heaters to replace my old storage heaters. They look pretty basic, but that is certainly an improvement on the big bulky storage units, they are considerably thinner. In terms of heating, they provide a nice gentle warmth.

  18. Jerry

    Seem fine.

  19. Piers Young

    I swapped my old storage heaters out for these Infrared heaters just before last winter. Having used them extensively over the last 9 months, I feel I am now in a position to give my two pennies worth.

    So the look of the panels compared to the old storage heaters. Well this was part of the reason for swapping my old heaters out in the first place. The new ones are much more sleek, I have a glass infrared panel in the 2 bedrooms, a mirror in the hallway and two big carbon fibre panels on the ceiling. Here the infrared is a big win!

    The heat the infrared produce certainly feels different to the heat you get from a radiator. It is much subtler. They certainly provide sufficient heat even when it gets cold, but you can’t crank it up like you can with radiators. You certainly get warm and stay warm when they are on, but there is no way of turning your home into a sweat box like you can with radiators and storage heaters. For me not a problem, but worth sharing!

    The final point is the energy bills, my storage heaters looked about 30 years old so I assumed they were really inefficient. I ran the storage heaters through economy 7 which means you can charge them at a cheaper tariff. Making the swap to infrared meant I had to change the tariff to a standard one. Even in doing this, I realised how overpriced economy 7 tariffs are! The cheaper economy 7 rate is not far off a standard electricity tariff. I have just joined First utility and pay 10.4p per kWh. In terms of the bills themselves, they have come down by just over a third. We were paying £87 per month when we were on the storage heaters, we now pay just £54 per month (at least that is what the DD has reduced too!). Obviously I didn’t go for new storage heaters, so not sure how they would match up!

    So in conclusion, if you are thinking about making the swap I really would consider it. We mainly did it so our house didn’t look dated, but the energy savings are well worth it. Just remember if you like your house very very hot, then infrared probably isn’t for you!

  20. Dwayne

    Fast delivery

  21. Jonno

    Delivered on time.

  22. Khalid

    I was just obsessed how this technology works. I very much loved the concept of heating directly an object. Have medical complications therefore one of the things I needed was to keep my room temperature constant a the time. Had one, opened it up, worked…now two, three, five down the line I have almost 100% perfect coverage in every room. Didn’t need to buy a thermostat as I designed my own one and works absolutely fine.

  23. Tim

    I replaced the panels from storage heaters. Liking the direct and gentle heat. Thanks for talking me through the process and a general a* service

  24. Paul

    Thanks super quick delivery

  25. BenS

    Replaced storage heaters. Lower wattage equivalent so should save money. Next day delivery. Impressed so far!

  26. Gill

    Quick.delivery. Nice gentle heat. Will probably need eanother unit.in the living room.

  27. Troy

    Ok. Wish I went for the select xl herschel as much better look wise

  28. Scott Blaine

    After initially undersizing the panel for my living room, i have since gone for the next size up and teamed it with a thermostat. Now working brilliantly.

  29. Jay Patil

    Swapped out storage heaters for these infrared panels in my property I am renting. Tenants love it and upfront cost worked for me. Thanks

  30. Xavier J

    Thanks for the advice works pretty well. They are on now a bit more as it’s quite a bit cooler outside.

  31. Dando780

    First panel wasn’t sufficient and took a while to swap for the larger infrared panel that was required but now it is up and functions well heating my office.

  32. Samantha

    Products are really good. Was disappointed with the delivery slot. Paid for it to be delivered on a Saturday but the thermostat actually only arrived on the following Tuesday. Otherwise can’t fault the product it self

  33. Liz Barrett

    Thank you Henry. The heat is nice and gentle really like how its fitted with my radiators.

  34. Bradley J

    Herschel top brand – was surprised at the 5 year warranty on the cheapest panel but told that’s because of low maintenance. Anyway works very well heating our guest bedroom. Ta

  35. Drew

    Works well thanks

  36. aNDRE

    The heaters works well, no problem, but maybe they are not as aesthetically as beautiful as the glass. I really wanted the glass but they were expensive for the budget. Also I think they need to have less edged corners. I think you may need to have curved ones in the future. Please don’t take this as criticism I am really happy with the product and service, but I always have something to say for myself.

  37. June

    Good. Looks nice on the wall

  38. Mandy

    Was originally going to replace my storage heater with a newer model, but when I found that inrared could do the same job and take less space it became an easier choice. Installed in July, turned them on once and they worked well. Hope they work well during cold winter evenings.

  39. Shaun

    Really useful sales team, talked us through all the options. These are the most cost effective panels. I put 2 of the infrared heaters on my ceiling in my office and they work great. Would really recommend

  40. SIMON Pither

    Thanks for the prompt and efficient service. The fact your organisation takes payment over the phone was the main reason for this custom.

  41. cara blyth

    I shopped around many websites for the infrared heating panels, as I was desperate to replace my old and clunky storage heaters. It was a pleasure to deal with the Eco Store team who are by far the most knowledgeable about this technology vs other companies and my requirements were fulfilled and exceeded. The only point I would mention is that the Salus takes a bit of time to figure out and programme, but the panels themselves are exactly what I was after.

  42. JAn

    Thank you for Shipping to Reykjavik! Product received and already wired in. Working well so far.

  43. Mr Corner

    Speedy delivery, thank you

  44. Gerald

    Does the job. Thanks for the prompt service

  45. R A Butler

    Purchased an infra red 30×60 panel recently from Theecostore, and what a super service from start to finish. The price was also the best I could find anywhere. Hope to purchase more of the same from you in the very near future. These infra red panels are definitely great value, and also save so much on elictricity bills.

  46. Eleanor

    The panels work well, however on reflection I would have an additional one put in the conservatory. Hope that will be easy for the electrician to add at a later stage. Thanks for Henry for a first class dispatch and fulfilment service.

  47. Matt

    Bought 3 of your panels to install in my study and had them installed a month ago. So far they work very well – noticed the load on the circuit is not a big when I had the Dimplex fan heaters, therefore just know my bills are going to be lower this quarter. If I knew you did this earlier I would have had a picture printed on one of them, but can’t fault these heaters which are so far proving fantastic.

  48. Amit

    It turned out to be a lot cheaper than the Quantum Storage heater quotes, which were in upwards of £3.5k. We have put the infrared panels you recommended in most of the rooms and think they look very smart. The flat is also feeling a lot more comfortable. Thanks for a prompt service.

  49. John Bolasie

    produce a nice heat…quite expensive but i’m told they’re more efficient than heating through other electrical means. Look better than my old storage heaters too, so am happy.

  50. Dilip

    My wife and I just bought 2 600watt panels with feet to plug into the study rooms upstairs as there was previously only old storage heaters there. We tested them out during the cooling period a couple of weeks back and last weekend and have to say they are really good. We will see how we go in terms of use and will probably have them professionally wired into the circuit at some point. Hopefully things go well and we can implement this to the rest of the property. Thank you very much.

  51. Phil

    The panels work fine. Should have got an extra one for the lounge, but I wanted to try out a couple there and one in the kitchen first. We tend to have them on a couple of hours in the morning and then 3 hours in the evening and they throw out a nice comfortable heat. Will get some additional ones for the bedrooms.

  52. Hamza

    I bought this panel last week with feet. I have plugged this into my conservatory as it needs supplementary heat. It works ok. I am thinking about wiring into the mains to get removing moving parts, not made the final decision. Nevertheless Alan was very helpful in making my final decision to buy. Good customer service.

  53. Vince

    We bought two panel heaters to try out in our kitchen and the smallest bedroom and we were a bit sceptical whether it would work in our flat. Quickly though we became quite impressed with the heaters and decided to install in all the rooms with the thermostats. We are finding them much better than storage heaters and can already see the savings as we have cut out wastage – since we travel quite a lot with work. Happy to recommend this solution.

  54. Samit

    Cheaper than other online sellers and a quick dispatch. We have used these panels in our newly built office in the back of the garden and they work well. It takes a bit of time to get used to to concept of infrared, but you really notice the difference when you step out on a cold and windy day.

  55. Tony

    Works very well. Comfortable heat. Quite awkward to fit onto ceiling (nearly impossible without a helper).

  56. LUIZA

    Have 4 panels now and would recommend. Works best with thermostat.

    The heat is far more comfortable – not stifling like central heating can tend to be. They are easier to control and can increase individual room temp. when needed. Worth doing some research and also work out cubic meters for walls or ceiling placement to get idea of overall cost.

  57. Alex

    Thanks to Alan who did our Green Deal Assessment and suggested the infrared heating panels for our cold living room. Changing our heating system wasn’t an option and this was something we could afford.The new sistem is more energy efficient then traditional. Works very good and definetly will keep us warmer this winter.