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Our platinum grey expanded polystyrene EPS insulation board is a premium product to use for application of EWI to your external walls. It is a lightweight, rigid and closed-cell plastic foam insulation material produced from solid beads of polystyrene. The addition of graphite within the insulation reduces the amount of radiant heat that moves through the EPS, helping increase its thermal insulating performance (100mm of EPS on an external solid brick wall will take the u-value down to 0.28 w/m2k).

Our Graphite EPS is sold per sqm rather than per board.


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About EPS Insulation

Expanded polystyrene EPS board is a high-performing thermal insulation at the centre of our external wall insulation systems. It upgrades the thermal properties of a building, improving U-values, reducing the risk of water penetration and condensation. EPS boards can be used on timber, masonry and system-built properties as well as for tile hanging and a wide range of rendering systems. It is designed to be applied externally to masonry or timber-backed walls, either by mechanical fixing with supplementary adhesive or just by mechanical fixings. EPS boards can also be installed in the cavity void, if the property is being insulated using cavity wall insulation.

The boards are available in various thicknesses (20mm, 30mm, 50mm, 70mm, 90mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm), stocked depending on your requirements.

  • Great value
  • East to work with
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Dense material – low thermal conductivity
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Non-degrading
  • Available in 10mm increments

The product is designed to be applied externally to masonry or timber-backed walls, either by mechanical fixing with supplementary adhesive or just by mechanical fixings.

Technical Specifications of EPS Insulation

Composition: expanded polysterene, graphite

Thermal Conductivity: 0.032W/(m2K)

Reaction to Fire: Class E

Size of boards: 1200mm by 600mm

Thickness available: 20mm, 30mm, 50mm, 70mm, 90mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm

Coverage in pack: 1m2

Bending strength: >= 75kPa

Preparation of EPS Insulation

Use netting on scaffolding to reduce the amount of polystyrene blowing about in the wind.

Try to use a hot knife or hot wire cutters to minimise the amount of polystyrene offcuts, although a standard saw can be used – ideally, cut the boards within a covered area to reduce offcuts blowing around.

Application of EPS Insulation

EPS insulation boards should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation guidelines – these should cover design and all aspects of the application of the insulation. The boards are initially fixed to the substrate (masonry or timber) either by a mortar/adhesive or simply by mechanical fixings.

After having been fixed to an external wall, the EPS boards should be covered with an outer layer, either by the mortar basecoat or simply by a netting covering to protect from excessive heat, moisture and UV exposure.

Before applying the basecoat or mortar for the fibreglass mesh, the top surface of the EPS board needs to be rasped or sanded down to produce an abrasive surface. Once this has been done, the substrate is ready for the application of the fibreglass mesh.

Clean-up of EPS Insulation

Use an industrial hoover to clean-up the polystyrene bits.

EPS Insulation Packaging

Stacked by stacking boards – coverage depends on board thickness

100mm board – coverage 1m2

Storage of EPS Insulation

Shelf life: please see the manufacturer’s date of expiry. Keep in a dry place, in the original packaging. Avoid excess heat or UV light exposure.

Safety Measures of EPS Insulation

Wear eye protection, gloves and a mask.Take extra caution when using cutting equipment.

EPS Insulation and Compliance with Standards.

The product complies with the harmonized standard EN 13163:2012 and A1:2015

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  1. Rated 3 out of 5


    Took ages to arrive but once it got here it was exactly what we were looking for. It would also help in the future if you stocked the 90mm EPS as lots of customers ask for it.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rob James

    The 0.032 lambda eps is really good quality. I wouldn’t hesitate to use your shop again for more external wall insulation materials. I’ve used Jub Systems but your simplicity of prices I prefer.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    Thanks prompt delivery. EPS good quality