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CosyWool is a sheep wool rich insulation. It is fantastically versatile and can offer users endless benefits. Using a blend of 75% pure sheep wool and recycled fibres means that CosyWool has unparalleled insulation qualities, and even outperforms insulation with higher quantities of sheep wool. Combining value for money with excellent performance, you shouldn’t need to look elsewhere for your insulating requirements.

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How to Calculate how much you need

Using the thermal conductivity of this product (0.039), you can work out either the thickness you require or the U-Value you will achieve. Simply divide the Thermal Conductivity by the thickness to work out the U-Value, or divide it by the U-Value you want to reach to work out the thickness required.

0.039 / Thickness = U-Value
0.039 / U-Value = Thickness

Benefits of the CosyWool

Exceptional performance, outstanding durability and sustainability; the CosyWool insulation by Thermafleece is one of the true performers. Coming in a variety of widths and thicknesses allows you to cover every inch and ensures maximum efficiency.

    • 50mm x 370mm = 14.43 m2
    • 50mm x 570mm = 14.82 m2
    • 75mm x 370mm = 9.44 m2
    • 75mm x 570mm = 9.69 m2
    • 100mm x 370mm = 7.22 m2
    • 100mm x 570mm = 7.41 m2
    • 150mm x 370mm = 4.77 m2
    • 150mm x 570mm = 4.9 m2

CosyWool is transported up to 50% more compressed than other rolls of natural insulation, which saves a vast amount of money on transport and packaging. As soon as it is unpacked, it soon regains its original size and thickness.

Made in the UK out of British wool, there really isn’t anything better.

Installing the CosyWool

As CosyWool is a sheep wool based insulation, working with it is incredibly easy. You do not need to wear gloves or protective clothing. We do still advise wearing a mask, however that isn’t anything to do with the insulation, it’s just your loft may be dusty! When you need to cut it, it really is as simple as a quick tear or snip with the scissors. Simply unroll the insulation, cut it to size then sit back and enjoy your warm home.

Performance of CosyWool

CosyWool has a thermal conductivity of 0.039Wm-1K-1 giving it fantastic insulation qualities, and meaning you only need a thickness of 250mm to get to 0.155W/m2K, or 300mm to reach 0.13W/m2K. The density of CosyWool is 18kg/m3.

CosyWool is also highly breathable, meaning that its performance doesn’t even drop when it gets damp, and in doing so is vital for water absorption and release.

CosyWool – Product features

    • Made in the UK
    • British Wool
    • Width – 370mm or 570mm
    • Thickness – 50, 75, 100, 150mm
    • Thermal Conductivity – 0.039Wm-1K-1
    • Acoustic reduction – Rw 40db @75mm
    • Breathable
    • ISO 9001 & 14001



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    PASCo Couch

    Lovely to work with. Pretty expensive but worth it for the ease of install.