Climapor Latex Sound Insulation – Erfurt MAV


Looking for a cheap, easy to install sound proofing solution? Look no further than our Latex Sound Insulation paper!

The latex sound insulation is a cost effective way of reducing exterior noise pollution while also providing additional thermal insulation to the surface. The soft latex material is perfect for helping to absorb unwanted external noise, while the harder surface to which the latex is bonded creates a perfect surface for final decorating.

Our latext sound insulation comes as a single roll with the following dimensions – 10m x 0.5m coverage: 5m² approx

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Climapor Latex Sound Insulation – Erfurt MAV

As with all our insulated wall paper products, we recommend using a lining paper before painting or the application of printed wallpaper. Since the soft latex layer can distort slightly when applied to the wall, we recommend using one of our thicker lining products to help produce a more even finish.

When applying the latex sound insulation paper to your wall, apply the soft, latex surface to the wall. We recommend our wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive for application of this product. It is made from technologically advanced latex foam, which is laminated to a non-woven polyester fabric. At only 5mm thick, our Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner offers fantastic sound insulation in comparison to many thicker, and more expensive, products out there on the market.

Reduce noise from neighbours, transport, and the outdoors using this extremely effective solution. Fed up of listening to your neighbours’ television when you’re trying to do the crossword? This product is perfect for you.

Latex Sound Insulation Features

    • Helps reduce external noise pollution
    • Provides thermal insulation as well
    • Paste the wall
    • Provides a base surface for further decoration
    • Smoothes out problem surfaces such as cracked plaster and blockwork
    • Adhesive: Use Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive – 2 to 3kg per roll
    • Product weight – 1.2kg.
    • 5m² approx
    • 30% Reduction at 1000 Hz  – Talking
    • 60% Reduction at 2000 Hz  – TVs / Radios
    • 75% Reduction at 3000 Hz  – Vacuum Cleaners, Lorries on the Road

Our latext sound insulation comes as a single roll with the following dimensions – 10m x 0.5m coverage: 5m² approx

Although we are extremely confident you won’t be let down by this product, please note that we cannot guarantee the results of our latex sound insulation. Noise pollution is a complex phenomenon and results will vary from property to property depending on property type and the type of noise pollution.


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