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Throughout the year, money will be lost through open chimneys as cold draughts enter the home replacing warm air that escapes. Around £50 is lost up the chimney over the year, so just buying one of these balloons will provide the perfect energy efficiency improvement to your home.

The balloon is easily be inflated and deflated, meaning that it can be removed when the fire is required.

The Chimney Balloon reduces cold draughts and saves money!

The specially engineered, guaranteed and patented Chimney Balloon gives you a simple and effective way to stop heat escaping up your chimney and cold draughts coming down it.

No one likes living in a draughty house, since aside from the discomfort the cold air brings, it also costs you money – money you are spending trying to keep your home warm.

How does the Chimney Balloon Work?

The Chimney Balloon is incredibly easy to install and is the no.1 product used to stop these cold draughts coming down the chimney! If you occasionally use your fire, the balloon can simply be deflated and then re-inflated into the chimney once it has cooled down. No more stuffing newspaper up the chimney (which can lead to chimney fires in the worst case scenario) or covering the whole fire place with an ugly piece of cardboard to stop the draughts!

The Balloon has been specially engineered to be inflated within the chimney (out of sight) and left there for months at a time – stopping cold draughts entering the home and expensive heating escaping!

The balloons come in three different sizes to ensure you get a snug fit, so if you have open chimneys in your home, help lower your energy bills by installing one today!


We stock three different sizes of chimney balloon via TheGreenAge:

    • Small Chimney – 38 x 23cm (15 x 9 inches)
    • Medium Chimney – 60 x 30cm (24 x 12 inches)
    • Big Chimney – 90 x 38cm (35 x 15 inches)

If you have a chimney that is either 23 x 23cm or 31 x 31cm we can get in chimney balloons of this size, but please send us an email to and we will be in touch with ordering details. The 23 x 23cm balloon will be the same price of the small chimney balloon above (£18.99) and the 31cm x 31cm balloon will be the same price of the medium chimney balloon (£20.99).

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Reviews (2)

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Lewis Purdie

    Really helpful customer service. Didn’t know where to start to be honest, but they told me exaclty how to measure the flue dimensions properly and the chimney balloon appropriate to fit it. Arrived the next day.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ben Simpson

    I bought 2 of these for my home, we have a big lounge with two old chimneys and in the winter it is freezing becuase of cold draughts. We installed these at the beginning of the year as per the instructions and they seem to work great. I checked them recently and they were still nicely inflated which surprised me!