Wallrock Thermal Liner


This thermal liner is the perfect solution to help improve the warmth of rooms in the home, while offering increased acoustic insulation and also covering any cracks in the wall. One roll will cover a 7.5m2 area.

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Wallrock Thermal Liner – the energy efficient wallpaper

Wallrock thermal liner has been specially designed to increase the energy efficiency of the home without having to give up too much space. Unlike traditional internal wall insulation that can be as much as 100mm thick, this Wallrock liner is just 3.2mm thick – however it still will significantly increase the energy efficiency of a room – helping to lower your energy bills.

The 3.2mm Liner needs to be attached to the walls with the special Wallrock Adhesive, providing instant energy saving properties which will help lower your energy bills (savings are dependant on the type of wall you are attaching the liner to and the outside temperature).

Acoustic and thermal insulating liner

Not only does it slow the movement of heat out of the home, it also works well as acoustic insulation and also it is excellent for covering damaged and textured walls (provided it is simply cosmetic damage).

The Wallrock thermal liner is also breathable, allowing walls to breathe and since rooms will be warmer, this should help combat the growth of mould.

If you are looking to have increased thermal properties you may wish to look at our  Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner, which is 25% thicker than the standard Wallrock thermal liner.

Wallrock Thermal Liner – Product Features

    • Each roll is 10m long by 0.75m wide, therefore it will cover an area of 7.5m2
    • The liner is 3.2mm thick, giving you greatly increased energy efficiency without ‘stealing’ space from your room
    • Wallrock liner needs to be attached to the wall using the special Wallrock thermal liner adhesive.
    • Contains no PVC or glass fibre – made of short wood pulp fibres combined long and durable textile fibres – giving it unparalleled strength and durability.
    • For hanging instructions please go here.



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