SilentWool – Floor Soundproofing

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Silentwool is the premium solution to soundproof your floors – made from 100% pure sheep wool, the 3 different products in our Silentwool range ensure that you can acoustically insulate any type of floor with minimal fuss!

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SilentWool is our newest sheep wool offering. Sheep wool is renowned for being a highly effective, natural insulator; protecting sheep from harsh winter weathers and protecting homes from heat loss. We have now utilised the natural technology of sheep wool to help soundproof the floors of your home!

We know that people will have all sorts of different flooring in their homes. That’s why we offer 3 different types of Silentwool to suit your specific needs – Silentwool Floor, Silentwool Carpet and Silentwool Joists.

Silentwool Floor (1m wide x 25m long – 4mm thick)

This is a roll of 4mm thick sheep wool insulation, which cushions the impact between the solid subfloor and the finished surface floor that sits on top (i.e solid timber floors, laminate floors, parquet floors and OSB/MDF boards). The layer of wool removes the contact between the two hard surfaces, absorbing any vibrations and helping to soundproof the floor. Silentwool Floor offers an amazing 21dB reduction in impact sound level (Test: ISO 140-8 Delta Lw).

The Silentwool Floor has a layer of breathable paper attached to the bottom of it, which will help act as a protective barrier against moisture.

The rolls are 1m wide and 25m in length (so will cover an area of 25m2) and are made of 100% pure sheep wool – no plastic binding fibres! The insulation is easy to cut, durable and extremely long lasting, making it a fantastic way to soundproof your floors.

Silentwool Carpet (1m wide x 25m long – 9mm thick)

Silentwool carpet is a 9mm premium carpet underlay that is specifically designed to sit between the carpet and the floorboards, reducing the impact of sound transfer. It is proving very popular in older houses with big gaps between the floorboards and resulting issues with cold draughts.

The rolls are 1m wide and 25m in length, again made of 100% pure sheep wool which has been treated to provide mould, mildew and insect protection.

Silentwool Joists (0.1m wide x 10m long – 4mm thick)

Silentwool joists is a natural and effective way of reducing structureborne sound transmission caused by contact between joists and the floor sitting on top of them. The sheep wool is rolled out along the lengths of the joists prior to the floorboards being laid down and then held in place by stapling it into the side of the joists – be sure not to nail down through the Silentwool otherwise it will lose its acoustic properties.

The rolls are 10m in length, but are only 10cm wide, since they will only be running along the joists. The Silentwool joists are 100% natural sheep wool – treated to protect against mould, mildew and insects.

Key features of SilentWool floor soundproofing:

    • Silentwool is made from 100% pure sheep wool – a natural and environmentally friendly product.
    • A solution for any type of floor!
    • Easy to cut, with a durable long lasting shape.
    • Provides impact and acoustic sound insulation (21db impact sound reduction)
    • Patented mould, mildew and insect protection

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Step-by-Step Fitting Instructions

General: Make sure you store Silentwool in a dry, flat place. SilentWool: Floor can be used under solid timber floors, laminate floors, parquet floors and OSB/MDF boards. It can be installed upon joisted, raft and concrete floors as well as OSB/MDF boards.

Tools Required: All you need are scissors, a tape measure, a marking pen and wide moisture-resistant sticky tape.

Preparation: Make sure your floor is clean and dry. When setting on a concrete floor, ensure the surface is flat and free from imperfections that may damage the floor being installed.

Installation: By design, SilentWool: Floor will unroll with the breathable paper on top. At the walls, take edges of the insulation up the wall by 2cm to avoid sound bridging. Cut around any obstructions using the measuring tape and marking pen for accuracy. Side-by-side sheets should be joined with sticky tape and not overlapped to avoid an uneven finish. Install the floor as per manufacturer’s instructions. Return to the floor edges once complete and fold the insulation behind itself to further insulate from the walls. Make sure you do not nail through the Silentwool because this will cause it to lose its acoustic insulating properties.


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