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The Sheila Maid clothes drying rack is the ultimate energy efficient way to dry your laundry. The drying rack saves you money by providing you with an attractive alternative to the costly tumble dryer.

Coming in a variety of colours and sizes, there is a Sheila Maid clothes dryer to suit every home!

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Dry your clothes without a tumble dryer

Dry your clothes for free using the elegantly designed Sheila Maid clothes drying rack.

Drying clothes in the tumble dryer is a costly process. Using a Sheila Maid drying rack, you can dry your clothes for free and the elegant pulley system means that the drying rack does not take up any floor space since it hangs from the ceiling. The wood used for the rails is carefully selected from sustainable sources, and once kiln dried it undergoes no further treatment – this provides a durable rail that coupled with the cast iron rack ends, allows you to keep drying your clothes year after year. There are no stains used on the wood at all – so you can be sure that there won’t be any marks left on your clothes as they dry.

Please note that all the pulleys used in our Sheila Maid clothes drying racks are made of cast iron much like the rack ends themselves ensuring that they are built to last!

The natural drying rack – Sheila Maid options

Sheila Maid is available with either 4 wooden rails or 6 rails – with the latter providing an additional 50% drying space. In addition, the Sheila Maid clothes dryers are available in 3 lengths (1.45m, 1.83m or 2.13m).

It comes with everything you need to install it and has been a staple in the British household for over 100 years so you know you can trust Sheila Maid.

Not only is the Sheila Maid ideal for drying your clothes, as a keen gardener it is also perfect to hang your onions on!

Sheila Maid Drying Rack – Product Features

    • The Sheila Maid comes in 2 sizes: 4 rail (15.5″ wide/39.5cm wide) 6 rail (22″ wide/56cm wide)
    • It also comes in 3 different lengths: 1.45m, 1.83m and 2.13m
    • The Sheila Maid comes in 9 different colours
    • Pulley system helping you dry your clothes out of the way
    • Cast Iron rack ends giving the product the strength to last
    • Wooden rails obtained from sustainable sources.


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love this – doesn’t take up space like traditional airers and dries my clothes pretty quickly. It was a bit annoying to put up but ive used it nearly every day since