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Comfort Sheep Wool insulation is a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your property by insulating the loft space. This Comfort Sheep Wool insulation is a 100% natural product, containing zero man-made fibres or glues. This family of sheep wool insulation products (Comfort, Optimum and Premium) are the only sheep wool products to carry the prestigious NaturePlus stamp! Even the treatment of the wool doesn’t involve nasty chemicals!

The wool itself isn’t itchy like other types of insulation that you might buy at the local DIY store, and aside from its thermal and acoustic insulation properties, it is also able to regulate humidity by absorbing and releasing water vapour. Our 100% natural Sheep wool insulation also helps neutralise Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as Formaldehyde in the air.

If you are looking for a natural way of insulating your home then look no further than our comfort sheep wool insulation!

For lengths and coverage, please see the table below.

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Insulating your loft is one of the cheapest ways to cut down your energy bills. In an un-insulated home, as much of 25% of the heat escapes via the roof space. Our Comfort Sheep wool produces a thermal barrier dramatically slowing down this loss of heat.

Insulate your home with 100% natural Comfort Sheep Wool Insulation!

For thousands of years, sheep have been using their woollen coats to protect themselves from the cold. Taking advantage of the unique insulating properties of sheep wool in the home is therefore incredibly beneficial.

Our Comfort range is the 100% natural way to insulate your loft, helping to provide a thermal barrier that dramatically slows down heat loss through the roof space.

Unlike some other sheep wool products available on the market, our wool really is 100% sheep wool insulation – there are no man made fibres interwoven within it or glues holding it together – it is the only 100% natural product on the market.

How is our sheep wool insulation treated?

Up to now, all of our sheep wool insulation was treated with a product called Thorium IW – this is a pesticide which killed any insect / rodent that ate the insulation. This is obviously one way of stopping the insulation from being infested by moths and the like, but a decision was made in early 2014 to come up with a more eco friendly way of treating the sheep wool – avoiding the use of pesticides.

The new treatment, known as Ionic Protect, also stems from nature. Silk is one the few types of fibres that doesn’t get eaten by animals, and it is all to do with the structure of the silk fibre. The aim was to replicate this structure with the sheep wool insulation. After two years of successful trials and testing, a procedure was implemented that did exactly that – it uses a burst of light to change the structure of the sheep wool insulation, making it inedible to pests and vermin.

This method of treatment has been tested rigorously and is a proven, natural way to treat the wool – so much so, our 100% pure sheep wool insulation is now NaturePlus approved!

Why Is Comfort Sheep Wool Insulation such a good Insulator?

Sheep wool insulation has several unique properties that help give it incredible thermal and acoustic insulating performance.

The wave and crimp of the wool fibre traps air, which dramatically slows down heat loss. Sheep wool is also naturally breathable so its performance doesn’t drop even if it becomes damp. By nature, sheep wool is incredibly durable so it can be stretched, bent and compressed and will still retain its thermal insulating properties for several decades.

Irritant free insulation

Our Comfort insulation is the ideal alternative to man made mineral wool insulation, since it is completely irritant free, meaning that it is incredibly easy to handle (remember some jumpers are made out of sheep wool!). Compare this to other insulating wools that you can buy, which are itchy as soon as they touch bare skin and contain fibres that can irritate the throat and lungs. Between this and sheep wool, there really is no contest!

The Comfort Sheep Wool insulation has a density of 14 kg/m3 which is a little lower than the Premium Sheep Wool Insulation (20 kg/m3), however this is equivalent to most mineral wool insulation you would normally buy. If you want to install sheep wool in vertical applications (in walls) or where you are limited by space (so you want to get higher efficiency with a smaller depth of insulation – head over to our Premium Sheep Wool Insulation Page.

Prior to buying any insulation you need to make sure you have measured the loft correctly.

Buying the correct Comfort Sheep Wool Insulation!

If you need a bit of help with sizing your loft space prior to buying the Comfort Sheep Wool, please click here for the guide.

The table below should help you understand the costs and dimensions of our different Sheep Wool products.

Length Thickness Width Coverage Area
4m x 3 100 mm 380 mm 4.56 m2
4m x 2 100 mm 570 mm 4.56 m2
3m x 3 150 mm 380 mm 3.42 m2
3m x 2 150 mm 570 mm 3.42 m2


Please note that even though a particular product may cover a larger area, you may require multiple layers to achieve the required thickness to hit your target u-value.

To get your loft up to current building regulations standard you need to achieve a U-value of less than 0.16 W/m2, which equates to about 270mm of Comfort Sheep Wool insulation. This therefore means you would require 2 layers of 150mm (having said that, you will get away with 1 layer of 100mm and 1 layer of 150mm).

Installing the Comfort Sheep Wool insulation

Once you have bought the material and are ready to go, have a look at our guide on how to put the insulation in your roof space yourself – you can get detailed instructions on how to do this by clicking here. One further point is that we get a lot of queries about being able to cut the Comfort Sheep Wool – this is very easy to do provided you have a decent pair of scissors.

Key features of Comfort Sheep Wool Insulation

    • Our Comfort sheep wool is a 100% natural insulation solution.
    • Unlike other sheep wool insulation products on the market it has no interwoven man made fibres or glues.
    • It is NaturePlus approved!
    • The insulation has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties.
    • Our Comfort sheep wool insulation is irritant free, making it incredibly easy to install!

Reviews (10)

  1. Rated 3 out of 5


    Expensive! this sheep wool insulation is very nice and easy to install, but it is very expensive compared with other types of loft insulation. Hopefully it does the job and lasts a long time!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    Premium product but worth every penny.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Me again, buying another one of your products. Have to say this one is just wonderful.
    Think all the headaches I was getting was due to the fibreglass wool in the loft. Now not so noticeable since the sheep wool installed. Anyway think you guys are fantastic, any chance I can get an invite to your office as I would like to meet you in person? Sorry if this sounds obsessive. Thanks again Khalid

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Arrived and opened! Looks very good. Sending out your sheep wool insulation samples is a great idea as it gave me confidence in the product before buying.

  5. Rated 4 out of 5

    Christian Smith

    We used sheep wool insulation to insulate our granny flat. The reason for doing so was relatively simple – my elderly mother lives in the flat and barely leaves, therefore we were trying to create a nice natural environment for her to live. I think this is the thing people sometimes forget, people are spending more and more time within the home therefore it seems sensible to make the environment as nice as possible and even though this type of insulation is clearly more expensive than the glass wool, I don’t want her breathing that crap in!

    Lots of people are talking about the ease of installation when you use this type of wool, but one of the most important things for me is that it regulates humidity.

    Would recommend!

  6. Rated 4 out of 5


    Very good delivery was ok I suppose . Material is nice and soft and havent got any allergic reaction . I bought this product because its natural but treated for pests so hopefully it will last

  7. Rated 3 out of 5


    this sheep wool insulation is 100% natural, so for that reason we went for it over other types of insulation. The only issue in my mind is the cost. It is considerably more expensive than insulation you can buy at B&Q however it is itch free so much easier to lay!

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kuzman Dalca

    So easy installed. Did other not natural wool before and this a lot nicer to use. Obvious going to save me money but health benefits were big factor in me buying.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Deidre Smith

    We bought this sheep wool on the recommendation from a friend – it is hard to tell how good it is in terms of insulating ability, but it is exceptionally easy to handle. We got two different thicknesses 100m for between the joists and then 150mm to roll out above that. Shall see how it works next winter, but i think (fingers crossed) it should help us realise some big heating bill savings!

  10. Rated 5 out of 5


    We choose this wool due to its Eco credentials and natural/non irrative properties. We used 2 thicknesses for under the floorboards of our old house. Both premium where we had less space and comfort where we could fit the thicker wool. My husband fit one room with a helper in 2 days. This included lifting floorboards, laying netting and wool and replacing floorboards. It has been a MASSIVE improvement. It was so drafty between the boards before and so cold to touch, you always needed slippers. Now me and my 2 young babies are able to sit on the floor in comfort. Admittedly, it has been a mild winter but we have not yet done the room next door and there is a real difference when you walk between the two rooms. Definitely recommend. My husband said it was nice to work with. It cuts easily and tears apart to thin if you need to. There is a slight farmyard smell but I was much happier with this than with fibre glass or other chemicals in the atmosphere. Definitely buy.

    Also the people at the greenage are very helpful and have great customer service. there are alternative places to buy wool but the customer services was great from the off and i felt confident purchasing knowing they would help if there were any problems.