Optimal Sheep Wool Insulation

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Our Optimal Sheep Wool insulation is denser than our Comfort Sheep Wool offering and has a felt backing making it ideal for rafter and wall insulation. Sheep Wool is 100% natural, 100% sustainable and is completely irritant free making it the perfect insulating choice.

The Optimal has a thermal conductivity of 0.0385W/mK.

For lengths and coverage, please see the table below.

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Insulating your loft and walls is really important for reducing your energy bills. In a home that is not insulated, up to 25% of the heat escapes via the roof space and 30% via the walls. Our new Optimal range of sheep wool has a felt backing, meaning it can be used to insulate sloping or vertical areas like walls and rafters – sheep wool has never been so versatile!

Insulate your Home with 100% Natural Optimal Sheep Wool Insulation

For thousands of years, sheep have been using their woollen coats to protect themselves from the cold. Taking advantage of the unique insulating properties of sheep wool in the home is therefore incredibly beneficial.

Our Optimal Sheep Wool is the 100% natural way to insulate your loft, helping to provide a thermal barrier that dramatically slows down heat loss through the roof space.

Unlike some other sheep wool products available on the market, our Optimal Sheep Wool insulation is 100% natural with no man-made fibres interwoven within it or glues holding it together.

What Makes Optimal Sheep Wool such a Good Insulator?

Sheep wool offers a number of unique properties that help give it incredible thermal and acoustic insulating performance.

The wave and crimp of the wool fibre helps it trap air and slow down heat loss. Because sheep wool is breathable, its performance doesn’t drop even if it becomes damp. By nature, sheep wool is incredibly durable; so it can be stretched, bent and compressed and will still retain its thermal insulating properties for several decades.

Our Optimal Sheep Wool product has a higher density than our standard Comfort Sheep Wool (18kg / m3 as opposed to 14 kg/m3) and a felt backing – making it ideal for those ‘vertical’ applications such as rafters or walls. The increased density of this product gives it even greater thermal insulating properties as well as making it the perfect solution to acoustic problems. If you are looking for basic loft insulation – look at our Comfort Sheep Wool Insulation

One of the nicest things about our sheep wool insulation is that you can work with it without the need of protective gloves or a mask. Unlike glass wool or rock wool, our sheep wool insulation is completely irritant free – you could literally roll around in the stuff!

We don’t want to name and shame, but the other suppliers of sheep wool in the UK interweave the wool with polyester. Here at The EcoStore you will only get 100% pure sheep wool – so give it a try today!

Measuring your Loft Space

If you need a bit of help with sizing your loft space, to ensure that you choose the right product, please click here for the guide.

The table below should help you understand the costs and dimensions of our different Sheep Wool products.

Length Thickness Width Coverage Area
9m x 3 50 mm 380 mm 10.26 m2
9m x 2 50 mm 570 mm 10.26 m2
6m x 3 75 mm 380 mm 6.84 m2
6m x 2 75 mm 570 mm 6.84 m2


Please note that even though a particular product may cover a larger area, you may require multiple layers to achieve the required thickness to hit your target u-value.

The Optimal Sheep wool insulation is thinner than the Premium wool – but they can be used in conjunction to meet the required u-value.

Installing the optimal sheep wool in your loft

Optimal Sheep Wool is designed for rafters and wall insulation. For a guide on installing loft insulation in your rafters, you can visit our page here.

One further point is that you are able to cut the Optimal Sheep Wool insulation provided you have a decent pair of scissors.

Key Features of this Sheep wool

    • Our Optimal Sheep Wool insulating product is a high density wool insulation product, offering unparalleled thermal and acoustic insulating properties
    • Comes with a felt backing that makes it ideal for those vertical and sloping areas
    • Sold in various dimensions to match the width of your rafters and the thickness (and therefore U-value) you are trying to achieve
    • 380mm rolls of Comfort Sheep wool insulation are sold in packs of 3, the 570mm rolls sold in packs of 2
    • 100% natural
    • 100% breathable


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    George Hilary

    We bought 4 rolls of the optimal wool for our internal wall insulation. The wool itself is surprisingly good quality, I’m sure my mum could make a nice jumper out of it if we wanted too! Our installer found no problem fitting it, and the delivery from Ireland was fast and efficient.

    I will certainly consider sheep wool again for further work at home, as my bedroom could be the next place to insulate.