Energenie Master Slave Multi-Socket Extension Lead


This power strip from Energenie is a 6 Way multi-socket plug adaptor that makes sure your peripheries aren’t left on when you don’t need them. The Master Slave Multi-Socket from Energenie lets you control all your appliances easily, switching them on and off when you power up or down your master device.

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For those of us with a whole raft of peripheries for the TV and computer – the Energenie Master Slave multi-socket energy saving extension lead is a perfect energy saving device. It’s so easy to forget to turn off your X-box, or leave your printer on all day – this product puts an end to this wasted energy.

The lead is really straight-forward – you plug your main appliance in the master socket and your peripheries in the others. When your master appliance is turned off, all the other appliances are turned off as well. When you power up your master appliance, all your others turn on as well. Simple!

Not only that, but the Energenie multi-socket allows you to use the 6th socket for an appliance you want to work independently.

Perfect for the home or the office, the Energenie multi-socket will save you money and time, and only costs a few pounds more than a standard extension lead, so it really is a fantastic product.

A multi-socket adaptor for your home entertainment system

It’s easy to forget to turn off your DVD player or your X-box. Imagine this scenario – you plug your TV in your master socket, your gaming system and DVD player in the slave sockets, and your Sky+ box in the independent socket.

To start the system, you simply turn your TV on and this in turn automatically turns your games console and DVD player on into standby.  After you’ve finished using the TV, you turn it off, and all your appliances turn off with it. By plugging your Sky+ box into the last independent socket, it will stay on regardless on what you do to your TV, therefore you won’t have any issues with interrupted TV recordings.

A multi-socket adaptor for your PC

People have all sorts of peripheries for their home or work computer. In this scenario, you plug your CPU into the master socket, your display, printer and speakers into your slave sockets, and your broadband into the independent socket.

This means your display and peripheries will only be running when your CPU is on, but your broadband will be on no matter what – ensuring you don’t disrupt your internet elsewhere in the home.

Energenie Master Slave Multi-socket Features

Listed below are the key features of the Energenie Master / Slave multi socket.

    • 1 always on socket
    • 1 always on master socket
    • 4 slave sockets with automatic enable/disable
    • 1.5m mains cable
    • Voltage: 240V ac 50Hz
    • Maximum current: 13A
    • Maximum load: 3kW



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