Herschel IR360 1950

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RRP: £575.00
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These infrared heaters offer a much better overall heating solution for indoor areas such such as workshops.

A full 360 degree heating area through Infrared that is safer, more efficient and requiring less maintenance when compared to gas or oil heaters.

The Herschel IR360 is ceiling mounted and comes in a size of 1.95kW, which can heat an area of approx. 10- 15m2



    The IR360 looks like a traditional electric heater at first glance, but it is actually a quality infrared heater, suitable for commercial and industrial use. The IR360 has 3 high efficiency ceramic panels are set within a three-way reflective axis, giving 360 degrees of heat.

    The infrared heater works by emitting harmless infrared radiation, which warms any surface it comes in contact with. The reason why this is more efficient than convection heaters, such as gas and oil burners, is because they heat surfaces directly as opposed to heating the air.

    Why Choose the IR360 Infrared heater?

      • As there are no exhaust emissions there is no requirement for planning;
      • They operate silently and without fumes – consequently raising no health and safety issues;
      • Installation is much cheaper than oil or gas alternatives – all you require is electric cable;
      • No maintenance. You do not have to maintain an infrared heater once installed;
      • You can “focus” the heat exactly to where you want it – because there is no convection of heat, none is wasted blowing into areas it is not wanted;
      • Infrared has been shown to have positive effects on metabolism, with the same effect of heat we experience from the sun.

    Specifications of the IR360 Infrared heater?

    Dimensions: 450 x 450 x 160 mm

    Element:  3 White ceramic longwave infrared emitters.

    Body: Stainless Steel body. Supplied with integrated protective grill.

    Voltage: 230V, 50 Hz

    Protection: IP20

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