Autovent Self-Bleeding Radiator Valve

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Aladdin Autovents save energy, keeps radiators hot to top,reduce corrosion and system noise, and dispense with the need for radiator keys.

Aladdin Autovent Self-Bleeding Radiator Valve

  • No more manual venting
  • Keeps the radiators hot to the top
  • No gas = reduced corrosion = extended component life
  • Avoids cost of tenants calling out services engineers just to purge radiators
  • Save heating and energy costs by optimising radiator efficiency
  • Radiator manufacturers now offering as optional extra


Landlords like them:

As they reduce the risk of damage caused to systems by tenants failing to bleed air from radiators, as well as the cost of call-outs from those tenants who call out service engineers when air builds in a radiator.

For installed “problem” radiators:

Often systems have a problem radiator in which air collects; most often the towel rail. The symptoms are a cold top bar and the noise of bubbling water. The correct Aladdin product (check the thread size of the radiator) can be installed without draining the system. Just shut off the two water valves, release the pressure in the radiator via the existing manual vent, and use a spanner to take out either the manual vent or the blanking plug before installing the Aladdin valve. Open the water valves and the radiator will then bleed itself.

For new installations:

An increasing number of professionals believe Aladdin’s Hygroseal™ products more than pay for themselves in time-saved in new installations. The installation of new or replacement radiators traditionally has required the time consuming task of running from radiator to radiator to bleed air out as the system refills. Further, water out of the tap contains about 17% air by volume which separates naturally within the system over time and, in a system without Aladdin’s valves, would necessitate the regular bleeding of radiators for the first two weeks of operation at least. Some installers now fit Aladdin’s products on every radiator they fit to save time and money.

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