Armadillo Hot Water Cylinder Jacket

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The Armadillo is a revolutionary new type of hot water cylinder jacket, designed for maximum energy saving potential. The jacket is easy to fit and adjustable to fit your cylinder.

Don’t waste heat!

Armadillo Hot Water Cylinder Jacket

The Armadillo is a top quality, adjustable hot water cylinder jacket, suitable for most domestic hot water tanks. You can use it on  a bare tank and expect to see savings of approximately £150 a year. Tanks that are already lined with factory foam can expect savings of £20-30 a year. It will pay back in a year or less!

The pack consists of 5 foil covered foam panels, three securing straps and a tie cord.

Armadillo Features

    • Irritant free insulation – made from 25mm thick foam with a silver bubble foil cover;
    • Simple and easy to install;
    • Clean and completely non-irritant;
    • Conserves Energy;
    • New design offers improved insulation qualities.


Armadillo Fitting Instructions

1. Position the panels vertically around the cylinder, with the eyelets to the top, and so that the connecting pipework passes through the gaps between the panels.
2. Pass the supplied cord through the eyelets and tie off so that the panels fully cover the top of the cylinder.
3. Use the three straps to secure the panels in the final position. Note that the panels insulate more effectively if they are not compressed, so do not over tighten the strap.

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