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CALL US FOR EXTRAS – stop switch, charge regulator etc

This 350W Superwind small-scale Wind Turbine is finally a product that survives the rigours of the open water.

This wind turbine is designed by experienced wind power engineers and blue water sailors especially for boats on the water, generating electricity silently using the vast abundance of free wind power available across the globe.

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This small-scale wind turbine allows you to generate electricity using the power of wind and store it in a 12V battery system. Due to the intermittent nature of wind, the wind turbine and battery allow for the storage of electricity, which enables you to have power on calm days.

Durability is just not an issue – it’s built to last

Real world proven – Made in Germany. Unlike other small-scale wind turbines, the Superwind is designed to withstand real world conditions to deliver the highest performance, with hard-nosed quality, in even the brutalist of weather conditions. This means that you can hunker down and batten down the hatches, safe in the knowledge that the Superwind will continue to generate electricity silently and efficiently above you.

Aerodynamic genius of the Superwind wind turbine

The design, construction and use of permanent magnets for the generator ensure that the Superwind generates electricity with minimal noise and vibrations. This is crucial and allows for this efficient beast to often go unnoticed in its pursuit of electricity generation.

Using a state-of-the-art engineering system ensures that a fail-safe internal pitch controller automatically feathers the rotor blades, ensuring that maximum output is reached without harmful overcharging taking place.

Built using high grade materials, saltwater proof aluminium, carbon fibre and stainless chromium steel ensure that after install, the Superwind will be the last maintenance issue on your mind.

Required Wind speeds

The maximum output of 350W is reached at just 25knots, with electrical generation starting at as low as 7knots. The important trait of the superwind is the fact that it has no cut out speed. This means that it continues to generate 350W of electricity, no matter how powerful the wind is. The inbuilt braking mechanism ensures that the turbine does not overcharge or reach dangerous speeds.

While the superwind has been designed for ocean use, it is also perfect for land use as the silent efficiency teamed with exceptional durability make it the all round extreme small-scale wind turbine.

Important additions to the Superwind wind turbine – available on the extras page

Mast tube set

 1 mast tube of 60.3 mm X 2mm with an approx length of 2.6 m.
2 strut tubes of 21.3 mm X 2mm with an approx length of 2.3m

Mast set

The mast set is designed for easy installation on yachts and includes all fittings necessary. The mast base is adjustable to any angle and fits for deck and stern mounting as well.
1 pcs mast base, adjustable (V4A / AISI 316)

2 pcs strut mounting, adjustable incl. nuts and bolts (V4A / AISI 316)

4 pcs strut end piece incl. bolts (stainless steel investment cast)

2 pcs deck plate incl. nuts and bolts (V4A / AISI 316)

Mizzen Bracket

 This enables you to attached the Superwind onto the mizzen mast. However, we recommend that you contact us regarding the design of you boat prior to purchasing a mizzen bracket fitting.

Stop Switch

This stop switch ensures that the rotor does not pose a threat when it is not required to be in use – for example, during periods of (rare) maintenance. You are not required to have a stop switch if you already own, or are buying, a charge regulator.

If using the Superwind on a yacht, in periods of heavy weather, although the turbine itself will be fine, waves and parts of the yacht itself may come into contact with the Superwind. Therefore we recommend using the stop switch to shut down the turbine and ensure that no damage occurs during stormy weather. Also, in such situations there is an increased risk of accidentally coming into contact with the rotor due to restricted mobility on board.

If you are without a charge regulator, then a stop switch becomes necessary to disconnect the Superwind from the battery – which has become fully charged. The stop switch must be installed between the generator and the battery, as close to the turbine as possible.

Charge regulator SCR

The SCR Marine charge regulator has been specifically designed and engineered for the Superwind 350W. This ensures efficiency and maintains performance throughout the lifespan of the turbine. Once the battery has charged fully, the charge regulator gets rid of surplus power to dump resistors, to makes sure that no harm comes to the connected battery. Even with the batteries fully charged, the Superwind continues to operate, providing useable power once electric appliances are switched on.

The charge regulator is completely sealed from the marine environment, which ensures a long and efficient life.

Note that the charge regulator only regulates the voltage of the wind turbine and is not influenced by other power sources that are connected to the battery, and vice versa.

The details and product features of the Superwind wind turbine

    • Rated power: 350W
    • Rated wind speed: 25 knots – 12.5m/s
    • Start up wind speed: 7 Knots – 3.5m/s
    • Cut-out wind speed: there isn’t one!
    • Rotor diameter: 1.22m
    • Blades: 3
    • Rotor blade material: CFRP
    • Rotor speed: 500-1300 rpm
    • Generator: Permanent magnets (Neodymium)
    • Voltage: 12 or 24 VDC
    • Passive pitch control
    • Electro dynamic brake

Does not come supplied with battery or mast.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    K Brown

    Mounted on our mizzen mast and had pretty much generated as much as we need. Thanks for answering all of our technical questions before we bought. All the best Karl

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    Cautiously optimistic with this product. Pleased I live in a part of the country where wind power is embraced rather than besmirched. Thanks for communicating about the delivery throughout the process.