DIY External Solid Wall Insulation

by Henry Campbell

DIY External Solid Wall Insulation

DIY external solid wall insulation is becoming increasingly popular across the UK. The majority of properties built in the UK are constructed using solid brick. This means that they leak heat at a rapid rate. If your house has no cavity to fill with insulation, it doesn’t mean that the walls can’t be improved.

External solid wall insulation involves adding 100mm of EPS (120mm of mineral wool) to the outside of the property, using both mechanical fixings and adhesive, with a layer of render over the top. This provides the property with an external layer that not only provides the home with insulation but also protection against the elements, which prolongs the building’s lifespan. Popular external wall insulation materials can be insulated by EPS, mineral wool and wood fibre.

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The U-Value (heat transfer through a substance) of a solid brick wall property built in the 1920s is around 2.7-3 W/m2k. Installing 100mm of our external solid wall insulation system can bring it down to better than current building regulations, at 0.28 W/m2k.

External solid wall insulation installations are not just for professionals

While professionals up and down the country install external solid wall insulation, it can also be installed using a comprehensive install guide, the correct tools and a basic knowledge of DIY. So if you want to save money, increase comfort and maintain your property’s strength, then an external solid wall insulation system could be for you. Use the DIY external solid wall insulation to insulate your park home, terrace house or detached bungalow; it can be used everywhere!

The complete DIY external solid wall insulation system

Our DIY external solid wall insulation can be bought as a complete system, or individual bits and pieces.

Not sure what you need to buy? Try our buyers’ guide by clicking below. It explains the install process and exactly which products you need to purchase to get the job done.

>>> Our Install / Buyers guide for DIY external wall insulation <<<

Aside from the materials, we also sell all the tools to carry out the works yourself.

A choice of rendered finishes to suit all requirements

We provide a number of different rendered finishes that are applied over the expended polystyrene insulation. We also have a mixing machine that allows us to match almost any colour. This means that with EWI Pro, you can get your perfect property.

The professionals’ choice for external insulation and coloured render

External solid wall insulation is a fantastic energy saving measure for your home. However, while you shouldn’t do it yourself, there is no reason as to why you cannot source a skilled local tradesman to do it for you. We are here to provide you with the professionals’ choice of external wall insulation at a fraction of the cost. If you can’t find what you are looking for on our site, then just give us a shout as we are here to help.


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