Choosing Auro paint

September 14, 2017 by Ellen Evans

Choosing Auro paint

We love Auro paints. They are made from nearly all natural ingredients, and the whole manufacturing process has been designed especially to minimise environmental impact. But obviously, the most important thing about paint is that it looks good. They’ve got that covered too!

Picking a paint type

Auro has a huge range of paints and oils, to cover almost any application. Whatever you’re looking for, Auro will have a solution. Their huge range includes matt emulsions for interior walls, gloss paints for wood, and protective oils for treating floors and outdoor furniture. There is a wide variety of colours available and the finished product looks great. Plus, you can be sure you’re choosing the safest and most environmentally friendly option available.

We get great feedback on all Auro paints, but a common favourite is 250 Gloss Paint. Its non-toxic formula makes it a favourite for those with young children; it brings peace of mind when used in babies’ rooms. With its unusual certifications as ‘safe for toys’ and ‘saliva-proof’, you can be sure you are prepared for teething!

Whether you’re looking for a subtle wood stain, or a glossy highly-pigmented paint, you will find it from Auro. These products are hard-wearing and durable, and help to protect walls, floors and furniture whilst giving them a new lease of life.

Auro also manufacture products for preparing walls before rendering. These include filler, primer and mould prevention spray.

Picking a colour

One of the things customers particularly like is the colour range. We have one big recommendation when it comes to buying paint: try before you buy! You don’t want to spend time and money painting a whole wall of your house and then realise you’re not happy with the colour! We have tester pots available for nearly every Auro product, and each time you order one you will get a free colour chart.

We took the decision not to have paint charts on our website, as we appreciate that everyone’s perception of colour is slightly different! The other thing to consider is Auro’s natural ingredients, and how they impact shades. We find that a lot of customers prefer slightly warmer tones in their white paint, but if you want a bright, bright white, then Auro probably isn’t going to be for you! Due to their ecological composition, Auro 250 and 260 paints in white may not present as being as bright as other petrochemical white paints. This is because of the organic linseed oil content, which affects the degree of whiteness. There are many reasons why people choose to use Auro paints, but if you don’t like the colour you pick, these are kind of redundant!

Pick a tester, mix it, paint with it, and leave it to dry. Some of Auro’s paints take up to two days to dry fully, during which time the shade can change slightly.

Auro’s eco paints are the safe, natural choice – and they look fantastic too. Why not try them next time you’re redecorating?

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