The Armadillo Hot Water Cylinder Jacket – Review

by Alan Bouquet

The Armadillo Hot Water Cylinder Jacket – Review

The Armadillo

This week we are following one of our customers – Gill from Ilford, who has installed an Armadillo hot water cylinder jacket to help save her money on her heating. We are going to show you how it gets installed, and some of the findings after installing.

the armadillo hot water cylinder insulator

In this first photo, you can see the Armadillo’s packaging. It comes in a nice big box with plenty of photos and installation instructions listed. Next we open the box and find the various materials. The ‘panels’ of the jacket come in 5 pieces, with strips of Velcro which must be attached to put the jacket together.


Here is the original tank with its standard factory foam insulation. Many people think that this is all you need, but there is still plenty to be saved by insulating the tank further. Putting the armadillo on a completely bare tank with metal exposed will save an average of £150 a year. Putting one on an insulated tank will save you around £20-30 a year. Still worthwhile when the armadillo is around £36.99 on the Ecostore.


Here Gill carefully places the panels around the tank, to get them in position. You can see in the second image that the tops of each panel have a little hole, which are tied together with the provided string. This keeps the top of the cylinder well covered – often a black spot when it comes to conventional jackets.


Further, Velcro is attached to the flaps at the top of the Armadillo, this ensures a good seal along the joins at the top of the tank.


The last step is to tighten the silver belts around the mid-rift of the tank, pulling all the panels of the armadillo together. As you can see in the final image below, the Armadillo covers the whole cylinder neatly, providing an excellent insulating cylinder jacket.


Gill has now had the Armadillo installed for a month and this is what she says:

Is the Armadillo worth it?

“We bought a Armadillo Hot Water Cylinder Jacket a month ago but noticed the difference in that time as the water stayed hot much longer!

The Jacket was delivered promptly and easy to fit taking just 20 minutes. It is lightweight and does not take up any extra room in the airing cupboard. It looks attractive and what I believe is important covers the top as well as the sides.

Is it the best hot water cylinder insulation available?

Our water heater comes on in the morning but after about three showers and other washing would start to run cool. The next morning we had really hot water no horrible running cold! I think we could probably turn the boiler temperature down definitely going to save us money. Saving money with the Armadillo is cheap and simple – I wish we had had one a long time ago!”

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