AeroTherm Insulating Gel – used by NASA

by Henry Campbell

AeroTherm Insulating Gel – used by NASA

What is AeroTherm?

AeroTherm is a revolutionary new product which allows you to insulate the internal walls of your property with just a 1mm coating. While other insulating materials change the external appearance of your property, or result in your losing valuable internal space, Aerotherm does neither.

How does AeroTherm insulate?

AeroTherm paste contains aerogel, composed of over 90% air, the world’s best performing insulant. It is used by NASA to insulate space shuttles, providing great insulation at only 1mm thickness. Aerogels have extremely low thermal conductivity and are exceptional reflectors of audible sound. They are durable, hydrophobic and maintain their insulating qualities even in wet conditions.

In absorbing radiant heat, it helps to create a more even temperature throughout the property and from floor to ceiling. The gel then begins to reflect the heat back into the room, which maximises efficiency and lowers heating requirements. The science behind Aerotherm means that the same comfort levels can be achieved at around temperatures below 20 degrees.

It fights mould and condensation

Further to the thermal comfort AeroTherm provides, is also helps to fight condensation and mould. The warm walls that are created using AeroTherm don’t allow any moisture to settle or build up, thus reducing the risk of damp.

Where should you use AeroTherm?

AeroTherm could save up to 35% of heat loss from rooms. It is perfect for use in properties with large external walls, high heating bills, cold interior walls and areas of mould growth and condensation. Using high-tech thermal imaging, the AeroTherm chaps have proved that rooms heat up 30% faster, have a more constant temperature and retain heat for almost twice as long.

How does AeroTherm compare with standard insulation?

While alternative insulation works by trapping air and slowing the heat transfer from inside to out, AeroTherm works in a completely different way. It contains microscopic air bubbles which warm up and then reflect heat back into the room. And it only takes up 1mm!

AeroTherm and intelligent heating controls

With its ability to increase the speed with which rooms can be heated, it is the perfect companion to smart heating controls. Intelligent thermostats and zonal controls with smart devices are becoming must-have energy efficiency gadgets. However, when walls are poorly insulated, these devices often do not reach their potential for energy saving. AeroTherm allows the the heat controls to maximise efficiency.

How to prepare and apply AeroTherm

Applying AeroTherm is in many ways similar to plastering. First, it should be hand mixed with a very small amount of water, around 3%. This gives it the required consistency to achieve the product’s maximum energy savings. Make sure you don’t mix lots of air into it as air bubbles are not absorbed into the material and therefore can cause imperfections. The gel should then be applied with a notched trowel and smoothed over with a flat float straight away in order to achieve the 1mm coating. The AeroTherm then needs time to dry before you lightly sand it, in order to get a smooth finish for decorating. We would 100% recommend you get a professional to install this to ensure that it is applied correctly.

Find more information on AeroTherm’s website.

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