A Smart Home at its Best – MiHome

by Henry Campbell

A Smart Home at its Best – MiHome

What is Home Automation?

Home automation – automated homes or smart homes – is quickly becoming the most popular home improvement to hit domestic properties over the past few years. Smart homes enable people to control everything from appliances, such as your TV, down to individual lights and heating.

With the increase in smartphone and tablet devices comes the increased influence that they have over our lives, and home automation is no exception. To be able to turn up your heating when you set off home, turn on the bedroom light without getting out of bed and put the kettle on from the sofa are all things we’d like to be able to do! MiHome makes it possible.


What is the MiHome?

The MiHome is a complete home automation system that links heating, lighting and appliances to your smartphone, allowing you to have touch control over your property from wherever you are in the world.

Feeling chilly in bed and don’t want to get out from under the covers to turn up the heat? No problem, simply using the MiHome app on your phone to increase the settings on your room’s radiator valve.

A film is on TV but you don’t want to get up to turn out the lights? Simply switch your light switch off using your tablet! There are endless scenarios where the MiHome becomes an absolute essential!

What are the different parts of the MiHome?

The MiHome includes 5 main areas of control, with options in each. The great thing about the MiHome is that you don’t have to contain everything, but pick and choose what’s required. However, for the full experience there is nothing better than revamping your entire home with all of the MiHome possibilities!

    • Gateway – This is the central unit that communicates with your broadband router and the different units. It allows you to use your smartphone or any smart device wherever you are in the world, to control your property.
    • Plug Sockets – Plug sockets can allow you to control, control and monitor (with time settings) or just monitor. This enables all plugged in appliances, within your home, to be controllable.
    • Light Switches – For basic room lighting, simply remove the original light switch and replace with a MiHome switch, giving you both control physically as well as through you device.
    • TRVs – Adding controllable TRVs to your radiators give you added control over temperature that isn’t seen with many home automation systems.

So there you go, completely control your property, from lighting to heating and appliances, all through your smartphone and smart gadget!



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