Sundial Powerflow Battery Storage in 30 seconds

by Henry Campbell

Sundial Powerflow Battery Storage in 30 seconds

Sundial Powerflow – Solar PV Battery Storage Review

Nick talks about one of the most exciting products to hit the Solar PV market in 2016. This battery storage system will maximise your Solar PV system’s potential and reduce your dependance on the grid. With the FiT reducing, we predict a huge burst of interest in battery storage systems. These are perfect for storing electricity produced during high periods of generation and releasing during periods of grid import.

You can read more about the Powerflow here.

The Future Of Solar PV

We get extremely excited thinking about the future of Solar PV and what it holds for renewables, independence and energy efficiency as a whole. If you are interested to learn more about the Powerflow Sundial Battery Storage, then please get in touch.

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